Working Mid-Century Modern Decor Into Your Kitchen

Simple steps to add a little Mid-Century Modern into your kitchen.

Whether you are renovating or not, there are many ways you can incorporate mid-century modern style into your kitchen. Here are a few simple tips on working MCM into a kitchen of any size.

1 Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Candice Olson Divine DesignTry upgrading to MCM-inspired lighting. Why not go with a beautiful, simple pendant with a nod to mod, as in Candice Olson’s updated modern kitchen design? A sculptural, space-age light fixture can make a big statement over your dining table as well. Inexpensive modern hanging pieces can be found at IKEA. For some extra fun, switch out any tired contemporary bar stools for some sturdy, classic MCM stools. Seek out stools with a bent metal footrest and ergonomic shape to achieve the look.

2 Modern Kitchen Renovation cabinetsIn this design by Architect Janet Bloomberg featured on dwell, color takes the cake. Adding pops of color to your kitchen can freshen it up in a truly mod way. In this example, planed cabinet doors boast bright colors, creating a playful, modern vibe. To achieve the look, refinish or purchase smooth-surface cabinet doors and paint them a vibrant color. If the colors seem too much, don’t overlook this suggestion just yet. Try painting just the top or bottom cabinet doors that bright color and keep the bottom doors a neutral white or blank. The color will pop and your kitchen won’t feel overwhelmed. The key to achieving a refined look is to ensure the doors are perfectly aligned, as any imperfections in the alignment will be amplified by the color.

3 Dwell Modern Kitchen Renovation kitchen tableAnother tip from this same kitchen remodel is to swap your dining set for a sleek, simple modern set. Look for a set that has one thing in common with your kitchen finishes or style, such as the metal of your cabinet hardware or an easy to match color in your backsplash. As long as you can match one element from your kitchen, your new MCM table and chair set will blend seamlessly.

4 Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design by Vanessa De VargasDon’t be afraid of patterns in the kitchen. Food preparation and patterns may not be something you think would go together but look how they do! Interior designer Vanessa de Vargas turned this kitchen into an MCM oasis and she did it with a little help from some beautiful prints. Look for geometric prints in a bold color to get the same pop Vanessa did. Use the print to reupholster some sad bar stools or as throw pillows for a breakfast nook. Frame a swatch and hang it on a wall in the kitchen or even make dish towels out of the print and drape them on the handle of your oven. Whether you take it a simple route or not the print can go a long way for the style of your kitchen.

5 Updating a Classic MidCentury Home via SunsetWood and wood veneer was all the rage during the 1950’s and 1960’s. It’s definitely making a comeback in interior design. Wood cabinets are often considered a blank canvas in need of paint to hide the grain. In this design featured by Sunset, planed wood cabinets exude a glossy mid-century modern feel. Make a bold statement in your kitchen by installing smooth cabinet doors or strip existing planed doors and seal them to preserve the grain.

There are so many great ways to incorporate mid-century modern décor into a kitchen. We hope these ideas give you a starting point for bringing more MCM into your space. If you have any mid-century modern kitchen décor tips, please share them in the comment section below.

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