What We’d Buy: La Habra Modern Edition

“What would you buy?” It’s a question we hear ALL THE TIME from our clients. And to be fair, I’m always a bit hesitant to answer because we’re not you. But today we thought it might be fun to actually talk about a house that really pushes all of the right buttons. I think a lot of people talk about “getting a deal.” The fact is, if your plan is to merely take a property, fix it up, and make a big profit — you have a lot of competition. There are investment teams out there vying for what are becoming slimmer and slimmer margins. But don’t be depressed…there’s another way to add value: reimagining — it’s seeing potential where others done and finding a way to create value instead of just swapping out finishes.

This house is a great example. It’s got the bases covered. Located North of Whittier Blvd in La Habra, it’s practically, but not quite in La Habra Heights. And actually, I like this neighborhood better. It’s hilly, but not nearly as hilly as the Heights. The lots are big (this one is almost 12,000 square feet) but still very manageable. But the real magic happens inside. What appears to be a nice, if unremarkable house on the outside, yields to a super cool interior.

The glass-walled, unpainted tongue-and-groove ceilinged living room is the obvious centerpiece. Oh, and there appears to be an original spitnik light fixture in the entryway. Among 10 people, 8 will immediately dismiss this house as “grandma’s house” and pass over it completely. 1 will agree it’s grandma’s house and try to rip everything out and “update it.” But 1 (hopefully you!) will take a look and see what an awesome foundation this home is to build upon. You’ll smartly and adeptly edit the house — keeping the awesome and replacing what needs to go (green carpet…I’m looking at you). That’s the magic in a house like this — knowing what to keep, what to refinish, and what to replace.

As an added bonus, it appears this home was built by the Bodinas (sp?) Brothers company. It has the signature “flared fireplace” common to those homes. You’ll find the original cabinets are of excellent quality and so is the rest of the house.

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