Top 5 Privacy-Enhancing Solutions for MCM Homes

Living in an MCM home certainly has many perks. In a modern home, thoughtfully designed spaces and features constantly surround you. Open spaces flow throughout the house. Natural building materials abound. Gorgeous natural light greets you in every room, every day from strategically placed windows. Large windows allow you to take in your beautifully landscaped yard. Through these same beautiful, enormous windows our neighbors can admire your furnishings as well as your at-home attire from the street or even their own property.

If the latter isn’t a perk for you, but more of an unwelcome, unintended invitation, we can help. Below we have listed the 5 best privacy-enhancing solutions for MCM houses that won’t corrupt the beauty and style of your home.

1. Got Greenery?

Curious neighbors love big, street-facing windows. One of the easiest ways to deter those peeping toms is to add some beautiful greenery to your yard that functions as a strategic visual barrier. Large shrubs work well as do trees. Consider putting in layers of shrubs and/or trees for maximum effect. Although young trees and shrubs may not provide very much privacy at first, trust that they will grow and fill out.

1 Trees in front of Modern Home

2. Employ a Planter

Planters add beautiful dimension to the exterior of your home. They can also provide some privacy when built high and filled with well-maintained shrubbery. For added visual interest, try using a building material in contrast with the exterior walls. For example, a brick or wood planter would add good contrast against a stucco wall.

2 Employ a planter for street facing windows

3. Window Treatments (That Actually Look Great)

Looking for curtains that don’t look like your grandmother’s frumpy window treatments? Consider installing the Kvartal Track Curtain System from IKEA in front of large windows and sliding glass doors. The system looks much more modern than a regular rod and ring kit. Plus, you get to choose any combination of beautiful curtain panels from IKEA, many of them featuring a mod vibe. We love the idea of mixing and matching the various textures, patterns and opacities.

3 Kvartal IKEA

4. Horizontal Wooden Fence

A rising trend in landscape design, horizontal wood plank fences are beautiful architectural statements for your yard and well deserving of their popularity. The fences add curb appeal as well as privacy for large windows. These fences can have the added bonus of creating new functional space, such as a private patio area, right in your front yard.

4 MCM Wooden Horizontal Privacy Fence Design on Slope

5. Frost Your Windows

Frosted windows look chic and clean while also obscuring views into your home. Although anyone on the outside will still see light and vague movement from inside, there won’t be any way for your neighbors to tell whether you’re wearing ballroom attire or pajamas. An even more compelling reason to frost your windows is that it is an easy and inexpensive DIY project! Frost film is available at most hardware stores. For a great 5-minute video on how to frost a window using frost film, click here.

5 Frosted Glass Windows MCM Home

Do you have any privacy enhancing tips for MCM homeowners and enthusiasts? Feel free to share in a comment below!

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