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When Thom Vernon and his wife were making plans for their dream beach house, they wanted every detail to be true to Mid-Century Modern design, down to the refrigerator. But finding an appliance that possessed both modern functionality and chic Mid-Century charm proved difficult. Authentic Mid-Century refrigerators were too small and inefficient, so Thom decided to collaborate with his nephew, Orion Creamer, who had recently graduated from design school, to come up with a solution.


Through careful study of retro refrigerators, Thom and Orion created their first Mid-Century inspired design and called it the Big Chill. Today, Big Chill is more than just a refrigerator, it is a design company offering coordinated appliances—including stoves, hoods, and dishwashers—for fans of Mid-Century Modern design.

Blue fridgeThe Boulder, Colorado, company features American-made appliances, assembled right in Colorado, with range and hood parts that are hand-crafted in Reading, Pennsylvania. Using a traditional stamping process, the appliances are given a 1950s-era curve and indent. Pivoting handles and authentic chrome details reflect the designs of the mid-twentieth century. By using the most environmentally-friendly powder coating in the finishing process, each appliance is not only a great addition to your design, it is great for the Earth.

The Original Size Big Chill refrigerator features a pivoting handle, just like the one Grandma may have had. Its durable stamped metal body means that it holds up well to little hands and active families in high traffic kitchens. With modern conveniences like a temperature management system, automatic moisture control, and optional Energy Star functionality, the frost-free refrigerator is a stunning way to add a retro touch to your Mid-Century Modern home.

For smaller spaces, the Studio Size Big Chill features all of the same amenities of the Original Big Chill, just at a size of 14.4 cubic feet. The smaller model is well suited for the office, a vacation home, or a studio apartment.

Orange RetropolitanIf clean lines are more your thing, the Big Chill Retropolitan refrigerator gives you a refrigerator option that showcases the modern lines that began to spring up in the Mid-Century and have remained popular today.

Its coveted bottom freezer drawer means that little ones can grab a frozen treat on the run, and frozen pizzas never get lost in the back. Harkening back to the 1950s, this iconic design is Energy Star rated and is available with a right hand or left hand hinge for more versatility.

Coordinated appliances really bring the kitchen together. Understanding this concept, Orion and Thom created a line of stoves and other appliances to complete the look of a retro kitchen.

Freen range and hood

The impressive 36” Stove features six burners and a stainless steel construction worthy of home cooks and executive chefs alike. With full motion grates that allow you to slide pans around on its surface and a massive oven capacity below that holds professional-sized baking pans, everything on this stove is user friendly and Mid-Century Modern authentic.

Red stoveThe stove is also available in a 30” model, which features four burners and the same retro styling. Each stove is finished with material that adheres to modern safety standards and will not produce harmful VOCs even when heated to its highest temperatures.

Pink-Retro-MicrowaveBig Chill claims that their Retro Microwave is the coolest-looking microwave on the market, and we’d be hard pressed to find any other model that lives up to this statement. With multiple settings and customizable color options, the Retro Microwave coordinates perfectly with the other appliances offered by Big Chill, including the Big Chill Dishwasher.

With a combination of modern convenience and Mid-Century Modern design aesthetics, the Big Chill Dishwasher is not only functional; it’s also a sight to see. With an Energy Star rating, the appliance is good for the environment, and its sound reduction system means it’s good for your home.

Dishwasher Jadeite

The appliances offered by Big Chill come in eight standard colors, from vibrant blue and mint green to crisp white and chic black, but what makes them a true favorite—from celebrities and everyday homeowners alike—is the 200 customizable colors available for each appliance.

Big Chill will be launching their new Pro Line at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in March 2014. View all of the company’s products at The Big Chill Website

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