The Details are in the Decor : Mid-Century Modern

When you’ve found the Mid-Century Modern home of yours dreams, it’s only natural you want to give painstaking attention to the details of decorating. You want to highlight the MCM characteristics that you’ve come to love – the open spaces, minimalist designs, and flat linear planes – but you also don’t want to feel like you are living in a time capsule.

We completely understand, and we’ve found three decorating solutions that prove you can have one without the other.

Even if your house isn’t architecturally MCM, you can turn any room or home into a MCM oasis with a few strategic accents. Just remember to think big picture. You want décor that ties in harmoniously with the overall design, while complementing your personal style.

Start by looking for interesting shapes and details that imitate nature. A great thing about MCM is that clean lines and sharp angles work just as well as curvilinear shapes and patterns. Meanwhile, natural elements can be highlighted in several ways – shape, color or texture, for example.

Here are three unique décor ideas that will inject a dose of MCM flair into any home:

Bold Room Dividers

Details don’t have to be small. Recreate the classic Mid-Century Modern wood-paneled wall with a partial room divider or floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. The natural wood lends well to a MCM design, and you can highlight this element with unique patterns or 3D texture.

While it does create a physical barrier, you can visually maintain an open floor plan by choosing a divider that you can see through. This creates a dynamic piece that interacts with the surrounding décor and creatively redirects the eye through open spaces.

Conversation-Piece Tables

Let’s face, your end tables should have a bigger purpose than to hold your cups. Add personal style and attitude to your home by looking for individual tables that have MCM characteristics. For example, tables with varying planes achieve aesthetic interest with different depths of height.

Instead of a traditional table with drawers, look for one that has an open space – maybe even with a pop of contrasting green, blue or red color inside. This is a great place to introduce natural wood elements, too. Stay true to the minimalist concept by decorating simply with a plant or one lamp.

DIY Details

What better way to show your personality than by featuring an item you found or made with your own two hands? Lost treasures, such as driftwood, can look like timeless pieces of art when featured on a living room wall or under a pane of glass.

Or, for the more crafty home decorators, there are plenty of step-by-step instructions for up-cycled furniture or unique accent pieces – such as this wooden dowel coatrack. Authentic artwork by a local artist can also add a one-of-a-kind touch of class.

The Mid-Century Modern aesthetic is all about creating harmony and aligning with nature. Accent pieces can easily mimic natural elements through colors, shapes and artistic renderings. A metal lamp can emulate circular raindrops or a sunburst, while a statue can hint at the silent presence of wind or water.

Allow decorating to be another step in the journey of finding and completing your MCM home, choosing décor with intention. There is nothing wrong with having a large, open wall until you find the perfect piece of art that both speaks to your heart and the low, wooded paneling of your living room ceiling.

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