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We posted about this home earlier this week, and finally we have some (AWESOME!!!) photos, details, and a price. This is one of those homes that makes me very proud to list. It’s more than just a cool house, it’s really representative of a lot things that I believe in.

First off, if you’re a regular reader of anything we post, and if you subscribe to our weekly featured home newsletter, you know that we’re all big fans of homes with potential. We talk a lot about the homes that could be awesome. While this home looks spectacular in pictures, it wasn’t always that way. These sellers bought this home several years back as a foreclosure. It was a flip gone horribly wrong, a halfway-completed Tuscan monstrosity — and they brought it back from the brink! This house shows that normal people can do renovations on modern homes and return them to a place true to their roots and respectful of the original design.

30_8701252096_mSecondly, this is a home that “normal people” can afford. With the increases in prices in recent months, it might seem like the opportunity to own a cool mid-century modern home in Orange County has slipped away. While it is rare to find this quality of a home at this price point, here it is, available for sale. For or more casual readers who haven’t gone through a mortgage preapproval yet, purchasing this home with 10% down at $500k results in a total payment (yes, that includes interest, principal, taxes, and insurance) of approximately $2800/mo. Is that “cheap” — no, but a similar home in the same neighborhood — not nearly as nice — is renting for $2500/mo. And that’s with no tax deduction and no money towards principal. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this is a cool house with cool functional details. When I met the sellers to sign the listing agreement, we did it in the shade sale-covered atrium with a gentle breeze. The garden contains working fruit trees and edible plants. Out back, there is a chicken coop (with chickens!) that produce real eggs. This is a home for living and not just for show. 

This home is a rarity and I honestly don’t think another one like it will be on the market in this price range anytime soon. If you’d like to arrange a private showing of this home, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # PW13080968 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.


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