Ten Inspiring Websites for the Mid-Century Modern Fan

You love Mid-Century Modern.  You may live in a Mid Century home.  Whether you are simply looking for the perfect vintage lamp or embarking upon a major remodeling project you’ll no doubt be investing time researching online.

Claw back some of that valuable time by making use of this list of great websites.  Each one has endless inspiration sources, great visual references and lots of opportunities to link to retailers when you spot ‘just the thing’.

So, get comfy with that laptop, create yourself a dedicated bookmark folder and just tap in those three magic words……

1  houzz.com 

Probably the biggest and definitely one of the best. Countless photographs and very easy to compile your own dedicated, digital folder of images.  Really useful if you are working on a major remodel project as it provides plenty of visual material.  You can also ask questions online about your favorite projects.

2. dwell.com

dwellIf you haven’t subscribed to the magazine copy yet be sure to have a flick through the pages here.  Great for contemporary and architect designed interiors.

3. homedesignlover.com

A beautifully presented inspiration source covering interiors, architecture and landscaping.  A particularly good architecture section for those who are inspired by larger scale projects that incorporate interesting use of space.

4. apartmenttherapy.com

Not just for apartments.  A bit more crafty than the previous three sites but still bursting with visual inspiration.

5. modlivin.com

modlivinA great resource for furniture.  The thing to absolutely love about this site is the fact that every item has clear photographs accompanied by very detailed dimensions.  How helpful is that?!  Easy to use and easy to buy from.

6.  pinterest.com

Get yourself a pinterest account now – it’s worth the faff, I promise. If you’re working on a bigger project, it is perfect for creating your own digital mood boards without having to wade through a bunch of websites.  There is also plenty of inspiration to help you on the smaller details.  (You can also easily add images to your pinterest account from other websites if that appeals to you) You can find our pinterest board here.

7.  retrorenovation.com

A good site for the MCM fanatic who likes to upcycle and craft.  Lots of quirky projects to create your own personal mid century look.

8. landscapingnetwork.com 

landscapingDon’t forget the outside space.  This site offers great advice with lots of useful features including planting tips, style guides and landscaping costings.

9. roomandboard.com

Great contemporary furniture with Mid Century DNA. You will not leave this website without seeing at least one item you have to have.  Be careful.  You could easily spend a hefty slice of your salary in one visit.

10. etsy.com

This is a great go to website even if you are not buying.  Just looking at the beautiful photographs of beautiful things that other people are creating is an inspiration. A good source of vintage for the purist too.


This is just a taste of some of the great websites and blogs out there. We don’t want to overlook any so please be sure to share your favorites with us.

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