So You’ve Got a Pink Bathroom, Now What?

Most homebuyers do not go looking for houses with pink bathrooms. First sight of such a bathroom typically results in bizarre facial expressions, statements of shock (if not expletives) and uncomfortable body language. Otherwise perfect homes are quickly disregarded in a buying decision simply because they possess an offensive rose-tinted bathroom.

So what should you do if you bravely take on a house with a pink bathroom? Let’s review your options:

Embrace It

It may seem unheard of to many but there is an entire community of pink bathroom conservationists out there. In fact, there is a website dedicated to the awareness of the value in pink bathrooms, aptly named Save the Pink Bathrooms.
This group of advocates are specifically concerned with the mid-century modern pink bathroom. The iconic color has its roots in a surprising aspect, or rather an individual, of the era. During the 50s, President Eisenhower was in office. The first lady, Mamie Eisenhower, was often in the public eye and was famous for dressing and decorating in pink. The color was a hit during the time and was lovingly referred to as “Mamie Pink” or “First Lady Pink”.

If you are not so warm to the idea of keeping your pink bathroom but cannot renovate it, here are some helpful tips for at least trying to deal with the bright hued room. Try turning it into a themed bathroom. Potential themes could be Pink Poodle, 1950’s Retro, Tropical Paradise, etc. Dilute the pink with rugs, wall hangings, artwork and other décor that don’t necessarily cover up the color but rather compliment and distract at the same time. Save the Pink Bathrooms also offers tons of tips for thoughtfully decorating a pink bathroom.

Overhaul It

If the all over Pepto-Bismol color makes you want to toss your cookies right into that pretty pink toilet, then gutting your bathroom and replacing everything with materials and features you love is clearly the best option. Try to consider the style and era of your home while doing so. Pick timeless materials and fixtures to accomplish a refreshed, always in-style look.

The iconic pink may be gone from your restroom but the iconic style of the period should persevere. The possibilities are endless with this option so we’ll leave the details in your hands.

Make Smart Swaps

Perhaps you don’t have the money to remodel an entire bathroom but that floor to ceiling pink look is just not going to work in your life. Consider planning substitutions over time. Often the most offensive feature in a pink bathroom is a pink toilet. If you have one and want to see it go then budget for a high efficiency white replacement. Replacing a pink toilet with a sleek new white one will go a long way in terms of style and comfort.

Try a crisp white shower curtain as a cheap and easy disguise trick. Sure the colorful tub or tile may still be behind the curtain but from the outside it offers a break in the pink assault. This article from Apartment Therapy has even more suggestions.

In our opinion, pink bathrooms aren’t that bad. We love the era and style from which they originated, so naturally we appreciate the nostalgia of pink tile and fixtures. If you’d like to find your own pink bathroom home or a mid-century modern home in general, get in touch!


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