Slice Deli And Cakery – Come for the meat, Stay for the Sweets!

It took nearly eight months to find the right location but Slice Deli & Cakery owners, John-Michael Sanchez and his wife Natalie Burke, seemed to have settled on the right choice.


“The high ceilings are what sold me,” Sanchez said. “I also loved that there was an immense amount of parking out front for everybody and the area as whole is great. It’s been amazing.”


Since its grand opening Nov. 21, Slice Deli & Cakery has generated buzz around Orange County for its casual-upscale approach to its food–all of which is made fresh on the premises.

With 25 foot high ceilings and enough seating for more than 60 customers, the 3,500-square foot restaurant provides for an enjoyable dining experience in a laid back, spacious atmosphere.

The menu offers a selection of nine different sandwiches and half a dozen main dinner plates that include a lamb T-bone, a Tomahawk pork chop and Tuscan grilled eggplant steak. Prices range between $9-$17. One of the best selling dinner plates, The Tomahawk Pork Chop, consists of a seasoned pork chop served with a maple apricot sauce along with slices of caramelized pears.




Slice also has more than 20 beers on tap, primarily made up of local brews such as Bootleggers, Bottle Logic and 4 Sons.


If you’re in the mood for some appetizers, the selection varies from Fried Brussel Sprouts and Macaroni and Cheese to Corn Bread and Roasted Butternut Squash. Each appetizer is $6 with the exception of the Butternut Squash which is priced at $5.

“We take a lot of pride in the production of things here. There is literally not a single can opener on the premises and everything is made from scratch,” Sanchez said. “Breads, spreads, meats, you name it are all from in-house. The fact that we have this mission to put out the freshest, best tasting food from our in-house resources has brought the entire staff together.”


According to Sanchez, the most popular sandwiches thus far have been The Pastrami-Mami, Riviera French Dip and The Cuban. In addition to a generous portion of meat, all sandwiches come with choice of pasta salad, German potato salad or house chips.

“The actual au jus we use for the Riviera French Dip is a slow burned stock that we burn for 36 hours. We use knuckle and femur bones and the stock is just this incredible rich, silky stock,” Sanchez said. “We cure and roast all the meat ourselves which has been something people have definitely been noticing.”

While Sanchez oversees the “meats” side of the restaurant, his wife Natalie Burke, heads all things “sweets.”

As a former owner of a custom cake business, Burke brings her playful, creative style to Slice, with clever dessert selections like Smores cake and Blueberry-Coconut cake.


Individual slices of cakes are offered at $5 while whole cakes can be purchased for $45.

“Essentially it’s a cross section of a little bit of everything here at Slice,” Sanchez said. “It’s high quality food in a great place and so far everyone is responding to it.”

This place is definitely one of Orange County’s up and coming restaurants. Be sure to stop by and check them out. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Slice Deli and Cakery is located at

8780 Warner Avenue. Suite #15
Fountain Valley, CA 92078

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