Single Serving of Eichler Living at the Beach

While this home was designed and built by architect Chris Abel, it’s easy to see the A. Quincy Jones design influences and if Joseph Eichler were to have built an attached home community, I’d imagine it would look just like this. 

And that’s really the crux of it. Joseph Eichler never built such accessible, entry-level homes in Southern California. And today, that holds true. There is very little available to the entry level coastal homebuyer, let anything with an awesome modern pedigree. And this particular example hits all of the right notes. For starters, it’s largely original. This is great for two BIG reasons: 1. The ceilings look like they have their original stain 2. It hasn’t been remuddled and you aren’t paying for someone else’s poorly-conceived “upgrades.”

Properties like this are interesting, because it’s a bit unconventional, I think most people will admit think of the reasons it won’t work: it’s only 912 square feet, there’s only 1 bathroom, there are bigger properties for less. But you really have to take a step back and be open to the idea of a different lifestyle than you were used to. The great news it, when you do want to do upgrades, everything is a bit less expensive because there’s much less material to buy. There is less furniture to purchase. And you’ll buy much less stuff in general — because you won’t have room for it.

It’s an adjustment for sure, but if you’re on a budget and you’ve always dreamed of coastal living and mid-century modern homes — really, it doesn’t get any better than this. This is the kind of home you’ll kick yourself for not taking a look at.

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