SoCal Simmer Pot For The Holidays

simmerpot_recipeHave company coming over for the Holidays but not a fan of a different scented candle in every room of your place? Have you ever considered a simmer pot? One single pot of smelly-goodness can make your entire home smell like a Yankee Candle factory in as little 10 minutes. This DIY is as impressive as it is easy. You family and friends wont believe how handy and festive you are…but the joke’s on them! Its as simple as dump and simmer. No really, that’s it! You can do this trust us. To do our seasonal orange simmer pot grab a medium sized sauce pan and add to it:apple

Slice an apple into about 4-6 slices so that they can blend in with other ingredients. cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks are great to have in your spice cabinet this time of year. They make a great cocktail garnish, vase filler for your decorating, and pack a lot of great scent when simmered.clementines

Get ready for the only “assembly” portion of this DIY…. grab a handfull of whole, dried cloves and punch them into 2-3 clementines or full sized oranges if you have them.clove

Get creative with your patterns if you are going to leave your pot simmering out where guests might see it. Just the oranges and cloves together make the most incredible fragrance perfect for the season. Clove oranges also make great elements to a place-setting if you are hosting a meal over the Holidays. cranberries

Dried cranberries can work here but if fresh cranberries are on your Holiday grocery list anyways, throw a handful into your simmer pot. Once everything is piled in, fill the pot full of enough water that leaves the contents and water to be about 1/3 full in the pot. Simmer this pot on the lowest setting available for as long as needed. Another added bonus is simmer pots are the gifts that keep on giving! Just drain out the excess water and pour your contents into a container and seal and reuse the next day. Your simmer pot contents may not look Martha Stewart Magazine-ready by day 3 but they still give off some great scent! Thinking of trying out a simmer pot? Be sure to post yours to social media and tag us using #SoCalSimmer. Plus get creative and let us know what you threw in! Does a simmer pot still not cover up the fact that your house just isn’t fitting your personality? 2016 can be the year you find your dream home! We can help make that happen. Call the BetterLivingSoCal team today and lets chat about next year’s Holiday season looks like in your new place.

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