[For Sale] Wraparound Porch Bungalow

317 W 19th St - Santa Ana, CA | Floral Park | Historic Home

317 W 19th St – Santa Ana, CA

This home is another investor flip. Like a lot of these properties, there are some good things and bad things. 

317 W 19th St - Santa Ana, CA | Floorplan

On the good side, this home is truly move-in ready. That’s one of those terms that real estate agents throw around all the time, but doesn’t always have much meaning. This house has refinished floors, it’s freshly painted, and everything is clean and in working order. Does that mean the house is done…no…but it’s a great start (some historic home owners will tell you their homes are never done).

One of the dangers in flip property is finding out that things have been ruined. Fortunately, this home keeps a lot of the details that make a historic home special. The hardwood floors have been refinished, the windows are all original. Only have two sliding glass doors been added to the back. This home alos has wainscoting in the dining room and one of my favorite craftsman bungalow features:
the built-in dining hutch. Also, this house has all of the original interior doors. I’m not sure why…but this is HUGE in retaining the historic charm for me. Also…IT HAS A WRAPAROUND PORCH!!!!

317 W 19th St - Santa Ana, CA | Floral Park | Historic HomeThis home is located in Floral Park, which is arguably the best neighborhood in Santa Ana, and quite possibly the best historic home neighborhood in all of Orange County. This home is down a one way street, a bit on the outskirts, but it’s literally walking distance from some of the most expensive homes in all of Santa Ana. This is a good thing. Not so good is one of the neighbors. The house next door looks great from the street, but there is a monstrosity of an addition that towers over the backyard. I took a picture below. Fortunately, it seems to me like good landscape design could minimize the impact.

This home does have several other letdowns. The bathroom remodels range from builder-boring to mis-materialed. They aren’t horrible but it feels like this house deserves better and I can’t help but feel like the investors ran out of budget when they got to the bathrooms. The kitchen is very presentable, but like the bathrooms, it’s lacking a sense of special-ness that this house deserves. On the home we last featured in Santa Ana, they chose a great carrera marble — a material you don’t see everybody. This home features plain ‘ol granite.

With that said, this home does get you into one of Orange County’s premier historic home neighborhoods at a very reasonable price. If you would like to tour this home, please do not hesitate to contact me, email us at OCHistoricHomes@MeadeFirst.com, or call (949) 200-7795. This home is not my listing, but we know and love historic homes!


Listed by Phillip Mills, McConnin and Company Realty 



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