The Right Modern Art for Your MCM Space

Art defines a space just as much as furniture. Finding the right art for your MCM space can be a challenge. We’ve done the research for you and found the best sources and ideas for filling your place with thoughtful Modern art.

Mod Sculpture on Etsy

New Unique Art

The Mid-Century Modern design comeback has seeped into every aspect of the interior décor scene. The trend has inspired artists to create new, unique Mod art spanning a wide range of mediums and easily found online.


A simple search on for Mid-Century Modern will show you just how much variety there is. You can find beautiful hand-carved wood sculptures, such as the one above from JetSetRetroDesign, perfect for any empty mantle or as an ornament on a bookshelf.

Mondrian-style Mod World Map Modern Art

Unique art prints are in abundance on You can find anything from MCM architectural photography to new iterations on Mondrian squares, such as the map of the world above.

Prints of Era Originals

If you are looking for something more authentic, consider a fine art print of a graphic dating back to the era. For instance, a fun travel-themed MCM-style promotional graphic, such as a 1950s Pan Am Paris travel ad, would be perfect as a conversation piece in your living room or family room. Bright, bold colors and shapes are great for a room intended for entertainment and socializing.

Mark Rothko - No. 6 (Violet, Green, & Red), 1951 modern art print

A print of a classic from the era, such as No. 6 (Violet, Green, & Red), 1951 above or any work by Mark Rothko, evokes the Minimalist Modern style of the 1950s and brings beautiful color into any space. While the original is worth several hundred million, a print can be the price of going out to dinner at your local diner yet will still convey all the sophistication of the original piece.


It may seem like a daunting task to search for an antique MCM art piece to complete your space. However, the search can be fun if you consider all the resources available and view it as an adventure.

We highly recommend checking out what treasures you can find in your area. Skim through to see what items people are trying to get rid of, often for quite a deal. Use to find local antique shops and dedicate a weekend afternoon to a fun time searching for the perfect piece(s). In light of the ongoing MCM trend many thrift shops have begun picking up Modern art and furnishings. Don’t forget to take measurements and bring pictures of your space for reference.

Wall Sculpture via Danish Modern LA dealer

Reputable online dealers might sound like a paradoxical concept but they are great resources for your MCM art needs. Danish Modern LA is an exclusively MCM-oriented furnishings and art dealer. They authenticate everything they can and are as passionate about preserving the history of each piece, as they are the piece itself. You pay a premium but the quality is out of this world for vintage. For an example of what you can find, take a look at the gorgeous Curtis Jere brass wall sculpture above. You can also hunt for vintage items from dealers through, and

DIY Modern Art Pieces

If you’re feeling crafty or your budget for art is limited, why not do a DIY project? Try an easy DIY by purchasing a printable digital art piece then have it printed and paste the print to a sheet of scrap wood.

Printable MCM Art by DreamPrintDesigns on Etsy

Ready to break out the paint? Dream a Little Bigger blog’s collection of Art Tutorials is a great source of a variety of easy, inexpensive projects including both colorful and black and white paintings, even wall sculptures. We particularly love the results of Oh Happy Day blog’s DIY Modern Abstract art project, below. The sky’s the limit!

DIY Modern Abstract Art painting Tutorial


Ready to decorate but first need your perfect MCM canvas? Let us help! Get in touch today to start looking for the home that will make your pièce de résistance!

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