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Rejuvenation.com | Orange County Historic Home Lights

Awesome Catalog for Lights and Hardware

Before I bought my home in Tustin I spent years watching renovations on HGTV and looking for cool stuff that I would one day buy once I had a home of my own. In the process, I became a HUGE fan of craftsmanship, design, and authenticity. More recently, I’ve become enamored with small companies that find a way to design and manufacture awesome products, right here in America. Small companies like these are the ones creating the good new jobs so I like to support them whenever possible. Truthfully, they tend to make the best stuff, too…so it’s pretty easy to do the right thing.

Rejuvenation.com | Orange County Historic Home LightsThis week my mailbox was graced with a pretty cool catalog if you own (or want to own) an Orange County historic home. I think they buy mailing lists of homeowners so if you’re not a historic homeowner yet, you might not be getting it. Anyhow, it’s for a company called Rejuvenation. They have a few stores (including one in LA!) but the bulk of their business is through their catalog and website. Their products are all reproductions inspired by an original piece and most of their products are made in Portland, Oregon. The lights and hardware aren’t cheap, but I think their prices are very reasonable, considering that you’re getting something of high-quality and built-to-last.

While lighting makes up the bulk of their catalog, they also have door hardware, hinges, and even bathroom hardware. Most of it is organized by era and style too. Over the last few years I’ve watched as their catalog has grown. Originally they just had craftsman and Victorian fixtures. But now they have Industrial, Colonial Revival, Art Deco, and even Mid-Century Modern.

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