Remodeling Modern in Orange County

Modern home enthusiasts have many things to get excited about these days, with the ever-increasing public interest in MCM design and style. The Orange County home market has benefited from this surge in popularity. The area boasts many mid-century modern homes, with a small number regularly coming onto the market. Homebuyers are sweeping them up, especially the sensitively remodeled modern homes.

Remodeled MCM homes attract a lot of attention here in Orange County. The majority of these homes are carefully upgraded to retain the style of the era. Passionate MCM design enthusiasts put their heart and soul into updating their house for themselves or possibly for the next owner and modern-lover to enjoy.

The process isn’t necessarily a glamorous one, however. Homeowners must often tear down walls or other features that would not have gone with the original design. These MCM homes often boast original materials, fixtures and/or appliances, which the owner may decide to rehabilitate.

Homeowners may update most of the house, if not all of it, before moving in, such as in the case of Alyssa and Barnaby’s late mid-century modern home remodel. The pair took on the daunting task of renovating their newly purchased Orange County home’s kitchen and the results were crisp, refreshing MCM at its best. The clean, white countertops juxtaposed against the rich, dark-hued cabinets makes for a clever contrast in keeping with the modern aesthetic.

IMG_27074 IMG_26982

Other owners may remodel as they go. Mid-century modern enthusiast and MCM homeowner Rebecca Gonzalez of Mid-Century Modern Remodel has been renovating sections of her Newport Beach home with care since moving in. Her bathroom remodel/expansion is particularly breathtaking. Sleek surfaces, sophisticated shapes, smooth contrast and an overall sparkling clean design give the space an effortless, magazine-ready effect.

2 RebeccaGonzolez-MCMRemodel 1 RebeccaGonzolez-MCMRemodel

The process of remodeling a home may bring to mind indoor projects, however updating the exterior of a home can provide the most bang for your buck. Renovated MCM exteriors can have a striking impact. Take a look at this example, in which Horst Architects firm updated and expanded a 1960’s single story home in Santa Ana. The house was converted into a two-story by creating a space specifically designed to entertain guests and take advantage of the view.

Front - Horst Architects Remodeled Mid-Century Modern House Rear - Horst Architects Remodeled Mid-Century Modern House

The steel and glass “box” that now sits atop the original footprint of the home is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the home due to updated cladding. The white clad ground floor and the addition’s dark steel frame above create a pleasing contrast connecting the old and new structure. The minimalist landscaping, deck and pool complete the picture.

The Orange County mid-century modern home market is hot and shows no signs of slowing. It’s easy to see why these homes fly off the market so fast – remodeled modern homes are stunning when done with care and passion. MCM enthusiasts must be ready to quickly issue a compelling offer on a mid-century home when one comes on the market in Orange County.

Are you interested in a remodeled modern home or diamond-in-the-rough mid-century renovation project for yourself? Get in touch with us today! We would love to offer our expertise to help you find your dream home.

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