Quick Take: This is why I love December!

I know it sounds like complete Realtor BS, but December (and January, too) are my favorite months for buyers? And this house is emblematic. Even here in California we end up with some seasonality and the market is just a little bit easier, especially at the entry-level, around the holidays. This little mid-century modern rehab is priced at a very affordable $550k. It’s not perfect. But it’s a great starter home. I feel like in the heat of summer we’d be looking at a much more optimistic pricing strategy by the seller. So just how affordable is this house? With 5% down (we’re realistic) your total payment would be around $3400 (including everything…insurance, property taxes, all of it). Sounds like a lot, but because of current interest rates, about $770 of that payment is going to actually pay back the loan, building equity. 

Want to know what your entry-level home purchase might look like? We’re here!

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