OC Brews! The ABCs of Bottle Logic Brewing: Atmosphere, Brews and Creativity

The craft beer boom is constantly producing new breweries and tasting rooms throughout Orange County, but certain spots have been constant favorites among locals. Bottle Logic Brewing is one of those places.


Even though it has only been open for two years, Bottle Logic has already earned a reputation as a brewery with an endearing social environment and experimental brews. Like many breweries in Orange County, it is located in an industrial area on a side street in Anaheim.


On weekends, beer lovers and their dogs crowd the front patio, soaking up the sun at various small tables. Venture inside and you’ll be greeted with the words “United in the Thirst for Knowledge and Beer” on an overhang up above. The wooden, L-shaped bar complements the shelves that sit behind it and a massive chalkboard lists the available beers. Reading “Hello, Fellow Innovators!” the left side of the board lists the “constants”—the brand’s core brews. Though some of the constants are cycled out to make way for newer concoctions, they are pretty standard.


When we visited, the constants included (714) Blond, a fruity beer with a hint of orange and a strong malt finish; Tattered Prince, a smooth French saison; Glog Glog Glog, a spiced Belgian ale crafted during the holidays with apricots and roasted chestnuts; She Shot First, a pale wheat ale with citrus undertones; and Recursion, a West Coast IPA with a rich flavor. Priced at $8, a flight that consists of all of the constants is a great way to go if it’s your first time at Bottle Logic. They’ll slip the glasses into a circular carrier that you can take out to the patio or to a nearby table; they’ll also give you a sheet of paper that details the beers you’ll be trying. In addition to the flights, they offer four-ounce tastes, full pours and growler fills.

Those that like more experimental brews can choose from a wide variety on the right side of the chalkboard. These “variables” are limited releases so they’re more rare and are changed out regularly. We tried the popular German Chocolate Cake, a full-bodied stout with hints of coconut, and the Berlinear Equation, a tart Berliner Weisse infused with blueberries. At opposite ends of the spectrum, the stout had a very strong flavor while the tart Berliner Weisse had a very subtle flavor. We also sampled a Valentine’s Day special, an American Porter with toasted hazelnut called Cupid’s Corylus.


Other flavors currently available include the Double Actuator, a tropical Double IPA; E.M.P., an electromagnetic brown porter; and Cobaltic Porter, a Baltic porter that won a gold medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival.

Their science theme is evident not only in the names of their beers, but also in the brewery’s décor. Aside from the little drawings on the chalkboard, which included Star Wars’ BB-8 and a square from the periodic table, there are two large bookcases lining the wall across from the bar filled with science-related books and manuals. Between the two bookcases sits an antique machine (don’t ask me what it does though). Vintage artwork from some of the labels is plastered on the walls, adding to the sci-fi futuristic feel.


Surrounding the bar area, visitors can kick back and relax at tables crafted out of old barrels as well as some longer picnic tables. There are also stools around the bar top, but make sure to arrive early of you want to sit here, as the tasting room is usually pretty busy.

Beyond the tasting room, you’ll find another room that houses the brewing equipment. Orange letters on the storage tanks spell out the tanks’ names, giving them some added character beyond a standard numbering system. On the opposite side of the room from the tanks, you’ll find more barrels covered in wooden tabletops carved with the brewery’s logo. Enjoy classic music like songs from The Beach Boys while you sip.

The brewery itself doesn’t serve food, but they have a variety of food trucks that park out front. When we visited, it was Porko Rico BBQ, which had options like the pork-and-veggie-filled Barbosa Grilled Cheese and the Cali Pirate Fries covered in marinated steak along with tacos and a pulled-pork sandwiches. They even had tofu options available for those who didn’t eat meat and had outstanding service, bringing our food inside to our table for us once it was ready.


Stop by to try Bottle Logic for yourself—you won’t be disappointed. The tasting room is located at 1072 N. Armando Street in Anaheim and is open Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 12 p.m. to midnight, and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Visit www.bottlelogic.com for more information.

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