Newport Shores Modern (now w/Potential!)

We used to say that Newport Shores was one of the coast’s best-kept modern home secrets. Unfortunately, that’s no longer true, but that doesn’t make these homes any less cool. I have seen some great renovations over here, and some not-so-great. Personally, my preference is for a property like this one. It’s in good shape; I could move right in; but there’s a lot of potential left to uncover.

These homes demand great design. 1432 square feet on a 2614 square foot parcel means that your outdoor spaces must be designed well and integrated with the house. The spaces might seem small, but they’re plenty if you know how to design them. I love that this house hasn’t been too far remuddled. The ceilings are still intact and there’s a great start on the outdoor spaces.

What are missing are the details and any sense of design cohesion. We all (myself included) are subject to obsessing about certain details and losing sight of the big picture. That’s what’s missing here…there’s no big picture. I would rather have a well-designed, cohesive, home furnished completely at Ikea than a mishmash of incoherent pieces from Room and Board. We like spaces that make sense. Someone once asked me what is the essence of modern architecture. To me it’s easy: it makes sense. There are reasons for everything and everything is very deliberate.

This home has such great bones in a great location. Is it cheap? No, but is that really surprising on anything with a Newport Beach address? A $100k remodel budget spent wisely could go a long way with this home. And for $1.25M, all in, you would have an amazing architectural beach house.

We're sorry, but we couldn't find MLS # NP15213013 in our database. This property may be a new listing or possibly taken off the market. Please check back again.

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