You only need one kidney, right?

All “kidning” aside…(I know, that’s bad…real bad) this is exactly the kind of house that might make you think: what life changes could you make to buy it. And normally, in Laguna at least, those houses come with a list price that begins with a 2, 3, or 4, or more. We like things that are unique, things that are different. And the style of this house fascinates me. Here in California we have a lot of homes that are a contemporary interpretation of the Spanish style. This means big, bold, timber beams but wide open spaces with a connection to the outdoors. This home feels a lot like the Hawaiian version of that. It’s an island plantation style, updated with a very contemporary vibe. And it works. The skylight “lightwell” in the roof makes the space. 

Those of you who are astute might have noticed that this home sold in 2016 for less than $1M. It was a great deal, considering the view. It was also pretty a much a disaster and this home has been gone through in almost every single way. And what I love here is the synchronicity between the design of the house and the lot that its in. Make no mistake this neighborhood is fairly dense. But the interior of this house feels wide open and the wrap-around deck creates outdoor space you will actually use. I think Catalina is visible from ALL of the main public living spaces…and having a view you can see from just about anywhere makes it so much more valuable. Secondly, the design of this house feels like a vacation. This is like the grand suite at your favorite Hawaiian resort. 

There is one slight fly in the ointment — the yard. There is one, but it’s a tiny terrace (with nice views!). The real outdoor living space in this home is the wraparound deck space. But let’s take stock of the complete package: Excellent views inside and out. Unique, inspiring architecture. Enough space to not feel cramped. 100% turnkey. This is a great Laguna House for under $2M. 

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