Near-Downtown Value in Santa Ana Home

Don’t be “spooked” this Halloween by the location. This near-downtown Santa Ana home checks a lot of the right boxes at an eye-popping sub-$350k price point. It’s a fairly walkable location with great access to freeways. A point that I like to make (and one that I don’t think I’ve made in a while) is how a home like this compares to a condo, in terms of payment. Remember, a condo usually has an HOA fee of $200+. Assuming a $300/mo HOA fee, this home at $319,900 (the present list price), will equate to a condo costing about $250,000. In light of that, this home seems like a bargain, and it is.

Obviously, in this price point you’re not buying a Floral Park mansion, but this home does have a lot of great qualities. My favorite are the built-ins in the dining room and the window plan. Very fortunately, these elements have been expertly preserved on this home, along with most of the original wood floors and trim.

With a house like this, the real discussion is what are you compromising on and what will need to be changed. With this home, these are actually intertwined. This home sits along First Street, which is Santa Ana is a pretty busy thoroughfare. Whenever clients are considering such a home, I’m always thinking of mitigation strategies. Which brings me to my second point, the landscaping. The chain link fence is not doing anybody any favors and the house feels unfinished on the outside. It doesn’t look like a home. Whenever there is a house that borders on a major street, the best thing you can do is create some psychological separation. The picket fence is a good start, but given the size of the street, I think it needs a hedge and some other elements. A single family historic home with good details under $350k is a deal, though, no matter what tweaks need to be made.

This home is listed by Antonio Delgado of California Team Realty, but we’d love to represent your interests as a buyer. If you’d like to schedule a private showing of this property, don’t hesitate to contact us


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