How much is style worth?

How much is style worth? It’s an interesting question and it’s one that our business is founded by. This home is unique — absolutely zero doubt about it. And…in my opinion, it works. While the eclectic, white-out, crazy-glam may not be my personal choice — I can appreciate it. And there are some nice details. But how much are we really paying extra for extra style? 

Before I say anything — I want to give some serious credit. This house isn’t some quickie-flip. It’s upgraded well and there’s tons of attention to detail. The herringbone two-tone floor is just one example…and you might be thinking why we don’t see more herringbone designs…it’s because it’s expensive to do, labor-wise. The backsplash is another example. But you can’t just pick apart individual details but look at the whole. They’ve taken a boring tract home and given it a memorable, high-quality remodel. It’s very fashion-forward.

But something to remember (and sometimes it’s hard) — the furniture doesn’t come with the house. And that’s a bit of double-edged sword. One one hand, the upgrades in this home really go with many styles. So while the seller has decorated with more of a crazy-glam look, but I can see a lot of different things working here. But that’s also the downfall — you realize a lot of the uniqueness comes from the seller’s zany furnishings. 

So we took a look at comps and this home does appear to be priced slightly, but not terribly above. There was a same-model home with a pool that sold earlier this year in great shape, but not upgraded with the open plan like this one or with the extensive finish upgrades. It went for $100k less. So is this home $100k nicer — I think it just might be. 

If you’d like to see it for yourself, drop us a line!

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