Modern Home, Old Sk00l View

It’s hard to call $1,750,000 a bargain, but it is. Walkable to downtown Laguna Modern Home is quite the lifestyle treat. One of the other things I absolutely LOVE about Laguna Beach is that there are really very few tract homes. Each one tells a unique story. This particular home was built in 1971, but you’d never know from the renovation…which actually feels much more like 2000+ new construction.

I think some of the best design work here was done on the exterior. The combination porte-cochere / carport is a particular highlight. This is one of those homes which sits above the street and offers great views from the front patio. I really like homes which have a great delineation of outdoor space. It’s Laguna Beach — 7500 square feet is already a HUGE lot. But as I’ve been fond of telling clients — it isn’t the size of the space, it’s the quality. Having a traditional, non-view backyard and a separate front patio space — that is private and usable with the hedge — makes sense. This is space you will use.

The only area I feel a bit let down is the interior. This home feels modern-ish on the inside. There’s just something a little too generic about the spaces and and the renovations. It’s the little details that will get you every time. That’s the only thing missing in this home. Many of the upgrades feel more like a flip than a home that was renovated to someone’s unique personality. But this is where you come in! We sell a lot of very nice homes and a few truly great ones. That’s the difference. In this home in particular, it needs more whimsy…something unexpected. The exterior design is already there. And this doesn’t mean expensive remodeling, something little things like changing the tile backsplash in the kitchen (yes, please do) will make the difference.

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