Mid-Century Modern Styles: Biomorphic

Biowhat?? Mid-Century Modern style has many shapes, forms, and styles. We will be breaking down those styles in a series of posts: Biomorphic, Machine, and Handcrafted. Here at OCModHomes we want to be a source of information for you on everything Mid-Century Modern, and we hope to help grow your MCM vocabulary while helping you develop your own personal tastes within the Mid-Century Modern style.


Biomorphic style came about in the end of the 19th century and re-emerged in a big way again in the 1940s. People were becoming more fascinated with science and botany, and Biomorphic style distorted the intriguing, organic shapes and forms for decorative use. The most iconic Biomorphic shape used in Mid-Century Modern design was the asymmetrical kidney shape (a.k.a. the “boomerang”). Biomorphic amoeba shapes became a staple backdrop for neon signs, textiles, product labels, and home furnishings. Here are some examples of Biomorphic style available today to furnish your Mid-Century Modern home.

BiomorphicFurniture1. How could we not begin with this Formica pattern #6942 “Charcoal Boomerang”?

2. The “Monroe” ottoman available from Thrive Furnishings

3. The iconic Isamu Noguchi table available from Design Within Reach

4. The boomerang McKinley desk also from Thrive Furnishings



If you find that the asymmetry of Biomorphic style is not your own personal aesthetic, lighting is a great place to compromise. Adding a Biomorphic shape above a dining table may be just what your MCM space needs to make it seem more relaxed and playful. These two fixtures were favorites that we came across.

1. Ross Lovegrove’s “Mercury” suspension lamp

2. Michele De Lucci’s “Logico” suspension lamp (both available from Hive Modern)

While Biomorphism may not have a strong presence in the structural components of Mid-Century Modern homes, these forms were and continue to be very important to the overall look of  the Mid-Century Modern home. Outdoor landscaping, swimming pools, furniture, and textiles all are perfect candidates for integrating Biomorphic style into your OCModHome.


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