Mid-Century Modern Indoor-Outdoor Furniture for California Living

Southern California affords us some wonderful weather and we sure enjoy taking advantage of it with barbecues, yard sales and other outdoor activities. We’ve discussed how MCM homes were designed with this indoor-outdoor lifestyle in mind, particularly with the purpose of bringing in nature. Similar to the architecture of the time, mid-century modern furniture designs can traverse the inside, into the outside. Fortunately with the ongoing MCM influence on interior design you’ll find many options in mid-century modern indoor-outdoor furniture.

MCM backyard patio with indoor-outdoor furniture

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Queen Ann style patio chair but can easily find MCM patio furniture in a variety of design styles from furniture dealers. Many of these designs can be easily incorporated into your indoor rooms as well. We’ve found some great pieces to inspire your mid-century modern patio furniture hunt.

Hoop Chair

Hoop chairs are an MCM classic and can be brought inside or outside for additional seating. The origins of the hoop chair are a bit cloudy, but as a result there are many variations available at a variety of price points. The metal mesh versions will hold up particularly well in the elements. For a mostly indoor piece, a woven plastic corded hoop chair is perfect as it is comfortable, stylish and lightweight.

Acapulco Chair makes for great indoor-outdoor furniture

A striking variation on the hoop chair is the Acapulco chair. The indoor-outdoor piece typically features an egg shaped hoop and comfy woven PVC cord, like this chair from CB2, and will surely make a splash in either the backyard or living room, or both.

Knoll Saarinen Outdoor Pedestal Dining Table

If you’re looking for a statement piece, focus your search on a standout dining table. Ditch the scratchy picnic table for a sleek item that would look appropriate indoors or outdoors. The Saarinen Pedestal Table, one of the most iconic 1950s designs out there, was designed by Eero Saarinen and sold by Knoll back in 1956 and was just re-released in an outdoor adaptation by Knoll in 2014. This highly coveted piece makes a big impression in any outdoor space.

Elegant Glencoe Indoor Outdoor Dining Table

Another high-impact, classic looking piece is the indoor-outdoor Glencoe Dining Table. Featuring clean lines with high quality materials water-resistant solid teak and sanded stainless steel, this table is built to last, stylishly.

Salterini Mesh Chairs - indoor-outdoor furniture

Mesh chairs, such as the Tempestini for Salterini “Clam Shell” or “Slice” chairs or Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chairs, are having a major moment in interior design. You can be sure to find such a chair staged inside with a draped lambskin or blanket over the back on many an interior design blog post. These chairs can do double duty during outdoor gatherings or just for when you want to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chairs outdoors

Outdoor area rugs can elevate your outside seating area, turning it into a legitimate extra living room. IKEA has some affordable outdoor rugs in a variety of sizes and sophisticated designs.

All of the above pieces are great starting points from which you can look for similar designs that either better match your existing style or simply have a more palatable price tag.


Looking to experience the indoor-outdoor California lifestyle but first need the perfect SoCal pad to plant yourself? Get in touch today! We’re here to help.

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