Mid-Century Modern Design According to M. Swabb Décor + Style

Maegan Maegan Swabb never intended to be an interior designer. She was actually studying fashion and working for Georgio Armani while in school, when she discovered that she had a knack for visual merchandising. Her work compelled a men’s clothing line to recruit her for their merchandising and she was soon working off Rodeo Drive.

Stints with Elie Tahari and other shops as a visual merchandiser led to her work in interior design when a friend, who owned a home décor company, asked Maegan to come work for her. Under this tutelage, Maegan learned the ins and outs of interior design, and her suspicions were confirmed: she was meant for more than just fashion. Maegan Swabb was made for interior design.

Today, Maegan’s firm, M. Swabb Décor + Style, provides renovation and remodel services to homeowners in San Diego and Southern California. She and her team of interior designers love capturing the best parts of homeowner’s personalities and bringing those characteristics to life through design. Mid-Century Modern interior design is a style that excites Maegan and, like her journey from fashion to interior design, captured her heart unexpectedly.

MCM LivingHer first Mid-Century Modern home was styled for homeowners that were absolutely in love with the style. After finishing the project and posting pictures of her work online, Maegan began receiving more requests for similar design schemes. When asked what makes Mid-Century Modern special, Maegan says it’s the collective look inherent to the style that’s so appealing. She loves rummaging around shelves of vintage shops looking for unique items from years gone by. The eclectic mix of materials—both authentic vintage and contemporary—is such an American way to style a home.

MCM Dining RoomThis dining room is a wonderful example of her work. Eye-catching wallpaper covers the accent wall of the dining room, where pendant lights dangle over the dining table. The subtle wall color complements the honey-colored hardwoods, and the windows are kept simple and streamlined, in accordance with the no-frills attitude of classic Mid-Century Modern design.

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]Cliff May designed his homes in order to let the light from the outdoors in.[/pullquote]


Lighting is such a huge part of Mid-Century Modern design, and interior design specifically.  Cliff May designed his homes in order to let the light from the outdoors in. Clerestory windows, transom windows, and the panes of glass that make up large expanses of Cliff May home facades are designed to flood the space with light. But, even these homes need a lighting boost.


MCM Living Room B 2According to Maegan, lighting is the jewelry to the room, the finishing touch. “It’s the bling,” she said, and its proper use finishes off the room unlike any other element. It can be used to further define the style of a room. Particularly with Mid-Century Modern style, the room feels unfinished, and may lack clear definition, without a light that is true to the style. As with this adjoining living and dining space, a space that could be mistaken as an eclectic Americana design is clearly defined by the atomic light fixture over the Mid-Century Modern table:

MCM BedroomLight floods the space, but it is the chandelier that draws the eye to the table and Mid-Century inspired artwork nearby. Accent lighting, such as these mint green lamps, can also be used to reinforce the style:

In order to bring the outdoors in—an essential characteristic of Mid-Century Modern design—Maegan recommends using sculptural plants like succulents and orchids to enhance the space. She uses real plants whenever possible, but for homeowners that don’t have a green thumb, top quality faux plants are an acceptable substitute—as long as they’re the kinds that look real.

Mirror and succulentsWhen asked what homeowners should never compromise on, Maegan immediately replied, “Comfort!” According to her, if something is uncomfortable, or if the owner just kind of likes it, then it needs to go. The home is the place for peaceful rejuvenation, a place that provides respite from the outside world. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to get rid of it than to live with something you don’t love. Mid-Century Modern furniture is a great way to achieve a comfortable environment. After all, the concept originated in the mid-twentieth century, and many of the designs reflect ergonomic values.

Maegan has a talent for thinking outside the box, while at the same time providing homeowners with harmonious spaces that represent their true selves. Her designs speak for themselves: eclectic, creative, vibrant, and utterly American.


M. Swabb Decor + Style is located in San Diego, California. The firm specializes in interior design and the coordination of life events like weddings, baby showers, and other special milestone celebrations.


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