MCM Questions: Why Glass Walls?

Glass Walls were a common aspect of Mid-Century Modern architecture, in both commercial and residential buildings. Although they are mostly for aesthetic reasons, there are some practical reasons for glass walls as well.

Connect with Nature

Arguably the most accepted and discussed purpose of glass walls has been MCM architects’ and designers’ tendency to bring nature back into view from the indoors. The trend was brought about by new appreciation of and interest in Japanese design, as well as architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s propensity for keeping buildings in harmony with nature.

Connect with Nature MCM Living Room with Glass Walls

Large glass windows bring in views of nature. Natural greens and browns are intuitively soothing and energizing. The architects of the time sought to bridge the gap between the comfort of home and the serenity of nature through glass walls. 

Endless Natural Light

Mid-Century Modern architecture was in direct opposition to prior design styles where homes and buildings were compartmentalized and dark inside. Architects and designers knew that natural light resulted in more happiness and decided it was time to let the light in. In fact, research says it is beneficial in the workplace, so why not at home, too?

Natural light in a Mid-Century Modern Living Room with glass walls


Additionally, with all the natural light coming in, even on cloudy days, owners use less electricity on indoor lighting overall and can save a good amount of money as a result.

Let Fresh Air In

An important practical perk of floor to ceiling glass is the ability to let a good amount of fresh air in. Glass walls typically come with sliding glass doors. These homes were not just bright but very airy if you wanted them to be. Fresh air does a body good.

Modern Home with Glass Walls and Atrium lets fresh air in


Visually Creates More Space

Square footage only tells you so much in a listing. The layout of a home is just as important as the square footage, as it can make a home feel smaller or larger than it looks on paper. Floor to ceiling windows can make each and every square foot count for double.

Eichler glass walls MCM Architecture to Visually Create More Space


If your line of sight is left unhindered by a wall or other large obstruction, a space will appear much larger than it may really be. Glass walls do not impede your line of sight, therefore a room will appear to incorporate the area beyond the glass walls, creating the illusion of more space.

Glass Walls = Minimalism

MCM design opposed the ornamentation and dense décor trends of prior design styles. Modern style favored minimalism, or the pairing down of items in a room to the basics or necessities. The clear truth about glass walls is that you can’t put art or shelves on them. Glass walls help reduce visual clutter in a space. They stay void of anything apart from seasonal holiday decals or a tape-mounted children’s art gallery. A clear line of sight is a hallmark of minimalist design.

Eichler with glass walls minimalism

If you’re looking for your glass walled paradise, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today and you’ll be enjoying the view from your MCM home in no time.

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