Make Your Space More Modern in 2016

The fact that it is 2016 should be setting in by now and you’ve probably got your new years resolutions in order. Your list might look pretty similar to last year’s with goals for getting into that particular pair of jeans, climbing up the career ladder, or eating more green things and less neon-colored things. We’re not judging. However, may we suggest adding something else to your list? Consider including a resolution to make your space more modern in 2016! Don’t worry about the “how” because we’ve got some great tips for you here, in order of difficulty.

1 Retro Art

Easy Does It – Simple Updates

To start, you could add some art from the era for an instant refresh. A mod collage or an atomic painting is all you need to set off some mid-century flair in any room. Visit Etsy for a great vintage collection or DIY your own masterpiece!

Incorporate a Modern-style statement piece such as a special item of furniture or authentic décor for big impact. Visit the flea market or a local antique dealer to find something uniquely mid-century modern. You can’t go wrong with a starburst clock, for instance!

3 Statement Piece - MCM bed

2 Vintage MCM Starburst Clock

Go a step further at the flea market and find a piece of furniture that embodies Modern style. Pick something you are absolutely in love with, as you’re not going to want to move the piece in and out of your home. Something like an MCM bed with tapered, slanted legs would fit the bill.

Swap prints for those with graphic, mid-century style. Retro is in style and retailers everywhere, from WayFair to World Market, have great offerings. So shop around for the perfect mod pillow, blanket, curtain or even lampshade – you’ll be impressed at the effect.

Add in a shag carpet in a bedroom, sitting room, office, etc. for a groovy vibe. The texture of the shag rug provides an extra, soft layer to the space as a bonus.

Break Out the Tools – Ideas Requiring Some Home DIY Know-How

If you’re up for a little project, try some of these ideas. Upgrade your lighting. During the 1950s and 1960s light fixtures made just as much, if not more of a statement as the couch or coffee table in the room. You can simply bring in a new standing or tabletop fixture, or take it a step further and install a hanging light.

4 Swap Prints for Mid-century modern prints

Install minimalist floating shelves to get the modern look. Floating shelves, often available at IKEA, are easy to put together; just make sure you follow the instructions.

5 MCM Lighting

6 Shag carpet

Break out the paint or wallpaper in a modern pattern and create an accent wall. Example retro paint colors to consider include pink, chartreuse, turquoise and mint. As for wallpaper, look for patterns with geometric designs. Bradbury & Bradbury make some fabulous retro art wallpapers.

8 MCM wallpaper

If you take just one of these tips and go with it, you will have accomplished your New Year’s Resolution. Looking for a home that already comes with its own modern flair? Get in touch with us today and you’ll be in your MCM dream home before you know it!

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