How to Make Modern Furniture Do Double Duty In Any Space

The Mid-Century Modern revival in the interior design world is alive and well. Seemingly in contrast with the movement is the interest in moving to smaller spaces. Apartment and small space living is on-trend. It may seem unlikely but you can indeed blend the two ideals. You just need to incorporate modern furniture that takes on multiple roles in a space.

Mid-Century Modern entryway

When you’re faced with one bedroom-sized space to accommodate your entryway, living room, dining room and family room, you need to get a bit creative. For instance, if your front door opens into your living room, you may find yourself throwing your things on whatever floor space is available as soon as you walk in. This is a problem easily solved with modern furniture. Consider putting a beautiful mid-century modern chest of drawers or similar piece of modern furniture right next to the door as a dedicated place to set down your things. The added storage doesn’t hurt either and can provide you with space to quickly store away the things you just brought into the house, such as the dog leash, mail and coupons, etc.

3  MCM coffee tables

In the family room a regular old coffee table is typically a static piece. You can get a lot more utility out of 3 individual lightweight coffee tables, which can be moved around to different areas of the space as needed. They also work well as a table for children’s play and crafts. In addition, this is a great opportunity to mix and match finishes and colors, even styles, as a way to make the space feel more curated and loved.

Mid-Century Modern Space Divider and Storage

If you must divide the space, be sure to use a piece of modern furniture as the divider that can also provide additional storage. This is tricky to accomplish as the piece can easily overpower the room. Look for a piece that has gaps or a “pass through” so that you get the illusion of the piece occupying less space. An Eames Storage Unit would be ideal to accomplish the MCM feel in the space.

MCM Living Room with Ottomans

Extra seating is always welcome in a small space, however you can get it. Knoll Barcelona Chairs and Ottomans, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, are well suited to small spaces. Both the chairs and ottomans provide seating and their minimalist design keeps the space open and airy. The ottomans are easy to move around as well. However, any MCM chair and ottoman set will help maximize your space while keeping the look of the room cohesive. Keep some nice trays on hand to use the ottomans as side tables as needed.

Modern Kitchen with Table

For the kitchen, one hack that looks good and is always acceptable is to put a table in the space. The table doubles as overflow prep space and turns the space into an “eat-in” kitchen, a concept that was coveted by all MCM homeowners back in the 50’s – bonus! Look for a smaller modern table for the space. One with leaves that store inside the table when not in use is especially valuable as you can extend the table for extra guests as needed.


Speaking of maximizing your space with mid-century modern style, if you’re looking to get into your own MCM pad, you’ve come to the right place! We’d love to help you find your mod dream home. Get in touch today.

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