Old Towne Orange’s Most Iconic Craftsman Residence

What will you think about on your death bed? THIS HOME..if you don’t buy it. There are nice houses. There are cool houses. And then there are $%*&ing AMAZING houses. President Herbert Hoover was once entertained under this roof (yup, how many homes can claim to have a Presidential visit…none currently for sale in Old Towne!) This home was built and lived in by one of Orange County’s earliest and most prominent bankers. He later went on to politics, becoming a California State Senator. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a state senator too…wait, maybe that isn’t a selling point…it’s also been owned by an architect 🙂 Regardless of your profession you can enjoy the treehouse view, wall-of-windows, I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-eat-here, dining room. If the kitchen is more your style, it’s been restored and expanded with period-correct additional cabinetry — beautiful AND functional!  Or maybe you can quite literally chill out — we’ve got air conditioning too. Don’t let this house be the “one that got away” — some cheeky but tragic story you tell folks at parties about how you almost bought the most iconic, architectural home in Old Towne Orange. This is the stuff dreams are made of. And today you can turn those dreams into summertime drinks on the wide front porch. Life’s too short. It’s time to love where you live.

The home is part of the Mills Act Program and the owner receives a significant property tax savings for agreeing to maintain and preserve the property.

Find more information about the Mills Act Program on the City of Orange’s website.

 Home Address:

350 S. Glassell St Orange, CA 92866

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Home Type
Historic Home
Built In
Square Footage
2,782 sq ft
Lot Size
9,583 sq ft
Covered Parking
2 spaces

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