920 Louise St, Santa Ana, CA 92703


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NUDE BEACHES! A gratuitous ploy for your attention? Yes, but in a crowded world of “me too” tract houses, a true original deserves the next 30 seconds of your attention. I often charge prospective homebuyers with the following directive: “Describe the home where you’d like to wake up 30 days from now.” And for me, this is it. It’s located in a premium, historic neighborhood right in the middle of Orange County. Designed as the dream home for a doctor and his wife, it features original innovations that homebuilders are just now figuring out — bespoke details like a dual-chambered chimney for both an indoor and outdoor fireplace. And this home has been impeccably maintained over the last 81 years. It’s never been “remuddled.” In fact, the bathroom has been fully-remodeled with period-correct finishes and modern functionality. The kitchen has been tastefully updated with new appliances, period-correct linseed oil flooring, and quartz countertops that will make you think of Calacutta marble, but 10x as durable. And the backyard — its doesn’t have one — IT HAS TWO! You’ll have to see it in person because Imagine what kind of landscape a home owned by a meticulous, over-achieving landscape architect would have. Now make it 50% better and you’ll be close. This isn’t some LA.Curbed fantasy that’s double your budget and way too far from your job. This is in your price range and convenient to everything. This is real life. This could be YOUR real life. Where do you want to wake up 30 days from now? 

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920 N Louise St, Santa Ana, CA 92703

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Open House
Home Type
Historic Home
Built In
Square Footage
1,729 sq ft
Lot Size
10,890 sq ft
Covered Parking
2 spaces
Open House Schedule
Saturday, July 29th

Sunday, July 30th
Additional Features
Nest thermostat connects via wifi to phone controlling central heating & cooling, garage, smoke detectors, and more!

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