1816 N Winlock St, Orange – Fairmeadow Eichler

Farleigh. Jones. Lola. Harvey. Lucy. Just some really cool names…or potentially you’re new best friends? Well, we can guarantee they’ll be your neighbors, becoming your newest posse of Cards Against Humanity players is up to you. People buy Eichler Homes for the architecture, but they stay because of the community. Most buyers think that buying a home is about square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. And of course, those things are important, just as walls of glass, a bitchin’ rock swimming pool, and air conditioning are important too. But you’re smarter than that. What makes the difference between a nice house and the kind of home that will turn your friends and family green with envy is the people and the community. It’s not how you change your home to meet your needs, it’s how your home changes you. All this is a big round about way of saying something that your future neighbors and friends already know: you’ll be happier living here. Your home is the backdrop of your life. Sure, there are bigger homes for less money, but did square footage ever make anyone happier? It doesn’t…it’s just more to clean. Like the best things in life, this home needs to be experienced. And lucky for you, we’re hosting some open houses. Come sample the good life.

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Home Address: 1816 N Winlock St, Orange, CA 92865

Home Type
Built In
Square Footage
1,729 sq ft
Lot Size
8,712 sq ft
Covered Parking
2 spaces
Jones and Emmons
Additional Features
This model was presented in LIFE Magazine June 2, 1961, as the "House of the Month"

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