1770 N Woodside St Orange, CA 92865


SPLORG! This house has it…and has tons of it. What is “splorg?” It’s a word that I just made up because this house is too cool for my current vocabulary. Someone took one of my favorite Fairmeadow Eichler models, and then made it even better. The perennial Eichler complaint: the master bedroom and bath are too small and there’s not enough closet space. KACHOW! Fixed with a tasteful addition that looks like it could have been original.  What about the kitchen that’s usually a little closed off? BAM! It’s been opened up to the living room and generously (maybe even a little prodigally) remodeled with a built-in refrigerator and other custom touches like an under counter microwave. Head outside in the serene backyard and you’ll find a pool AND a yard — that’s right, you can have (and let’s be honest…you *deserve*) both. This is like a free upgrade to First Class on your flight to Sacramento — the kind of thing you’d never insist on, but you’d gladly accept if someone else was footing the bill. Well, now’s your chance! The seller has already done the addition, the remodel, the new concrete floors, and the foam roof – all you have to do is get on board. Happy Holidays folks! 

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1770 N Woodside St Orange, CA 92865

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Home Type
Built In
Square Footage
1,774 sq ft
Lot Size
8,000 sq ft
Covered Parking
2 spaces
Claude Oakland
Additional Features
Model: SM-214, pool, mini-split hvac, radiant heat, foam roof, glassy concrete floors, modern kitchen, expanded master bedroom, bathroom and closet space.

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