Opportunity Knocks! Re-imagine Your Mid-Century Modern Front Door!

Needing some inspiration to make a perfect Mid-Century Modern front door statement? Start with the door itself. It is such a shame when the original exterior doors of a MCM property get replaced with something basic and bland. Changing the front entry on your Mid Century Modern property can make such a great first impression to your guests. To begin, you must find the right door. We have found a great place to get one. Crestview doors based out of Austin, TX offers a massive amount of choices for your Mid Century Modern property (not just exterior doors). They offer the ability to choose your own style and have a custom door fabricated to fit your own project. You can get a high-quality product that fits your renovation without tracking down a reclaimed door only to find out it won’t fit your opening. It is a match made in Mid Century Modern heaven.



Now to make a statement with that new door! What colors are the right colors? Well that ultimately has to be up to you, and the whole front door space must be considered. Not every homeowner is ready to dive into the bright, bold colors, and that’s just fine. Reds and Yellows may seem like bold choices, but they really can give a more neutral look when compared to bright Greens or Blues. OCModHomes has put together a few color suggestions for your consideration:


Pair any of these against a neutral exterior, and you are bound to make a Mod statement. Tone down one of these colors by choosing a “dustier” version of it for a less bold look. If you have a hard time visualizing your color choice as a front door, take a quick snapshot of your exterior with your phone or tablet. Change that image over to a black and white filtered image, and then just cut a small sliver of your paint chip and place over the existing front door.


What if you don’t want a Marmalade door from the inside view? Crestview published an incredibly helpful article on how to decide what edges of your front door get painted the same bright color. We would love to see how your project goes! Connect with us on Facebook or drop us an email to tell us how it went.

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