JUST SOLD – Tustin Cliff May Home

Just Sold for $582,000


I’ll be the first one to admit it: Some homes are more fun to sell than others. And this home was amazing. It’s so great to see a Cliff May ranch home with its original doors and windows in tact, and cool furnishings. I’m very pleased to announce that we were able to close this home last week for an absolutely wonderful young couple who want to make it their own. While this home was in great shape, it wasn’t perfect, and they’ve already begin to make their home their own, while keeping everything in the spirit of the original design.

Something amazing about this purchase, though, was what went on behind the scenes. I can’t say too much, but these buyers moved mountains to make this home purchase happen. It’s inspiring to see buyers so focused and willing to persevere for what they want.

On top of that, I’m excited to see some of the upgrades they plan on completing. This home has a large fence around the pool. Plans are to complete unique horizontal slat face. The kitchen was about 50% of the original Cliff May kitchen. If it were a sterling original example, I would have suggested keeping it, but only parts remained and the new owners have already begun the process of renovating it. I’m actually a neighbor to this home so I’m especially excited about the slat fence.

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