Clean and Classic – Historic Subway Tile


Nothing offers a more classic and clean look than solid white tile.  One of the most common, and best looking is to use Historic Subway tile for kitchens and bathrooms. For the very same reasons it was used in the early 1900’s in New York City subways.   Subway tile, as it has become known as today, is both easy to maintain and a durable material choice.  Now this material choice has transitioned from commercial to residential use.

White Subway Kitchen Tile

This look has become more popular in newly built homes but has always been a common material found in historic homes.  The look itself is very transitional.  Classic smooth white subway tiles can be used in almost any style of kitchen or bath.  In some applications, it can create a very sleek, modern and minimal look.  The most common installation of these rectangle tiles is in the classic subway pattern shown here.


Make sure to include correct cap and base trim when considering a full project.  These details are key to giving your room its most deserving restoration.  There are many great sources  for types and dimensions of tile trim.  Integrating tiled trim and built-in accessories (i.e. soap ledges, bathroom tissue holders and recessed shelves) can complete the project.   Adding these elements will not only be functional but will also complete the look by keeping it simple, smooth and uncluttered.  It is always better to plan from the very beginning with these accessories instead of trying to work them into your pattern/layout once you have started.


Also consider subway tile alternatives that offer a fresh take on the classic style.  You can now purchase subway tile in colored glass and even some metals.  This classic white tile can be installed in many different patterns.  Consider a combination of patterns within your space.  Make sure to discuss all your options with your installer and clarify your grout color choice (we suggest a white or soft gray grout) and preferences on just how thick of a grout line will be visible.  With a plan in place, you will be all set to make a timeless material choice for your home.

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