Historic Main Street Garden Grove

The city of Garden Grove is focused on community and history. The city’s Main Street upholds this commitment to community in hosting events and providing storefronts for small businesses. Main Street Garden Grove was established in 1874 and is now a cherished mainstay within Historic Garden Grove. From car shows to movie nights, thrift shopping to sushi, Historic Main Street Garden Grove has activities and fun for everyone.

1 Historic Main Street Garden Grove

The preservation of the commercial and residential historic sites in Orange County is unparalleled. The Garden Grove Historical Society works hard to maintain and protect older commercial properties in Historic Garden Grove. Likewise, the collection of well-maintained historic homes also in the area lends to a strong sense of foundation in the community. Main Street is rich in history as is Garden Grove’s historic homes market.

2 The Charity Shop - Historic Main Street Garden Grove

On Friday nights from 4pm to 8pm the weekly Main Street Car Show excites locals and visitors with vintage and classic cars aplenty. Door prizes are given out for attendees and trophies are awarded to participants. The event boasts live music as well as unique products for sale from a variety of vendors.

3 Inside The Charity Shop - Historic Main Street Garden Grove

Another weekly event, the Farmer’s Market, takes place every Sunday from 9am to 2pm. The market features fresh local produce, specialty foods, arts, crafts and jewelry for sale. Performing musicians provide ambiance while shoppers stroll through the vendor booths.5 Zlaket's - Historic Main Street Garden Grove

The Charity Shop exemplifies the community focus of Historic Main Street Garden Grove as a local hub for art, entertainment, fashion and music. According to its mission statement, the 501c3 nonprofit organization “helps cultivate local developing artists and musicians by providing access to communal spaces and educational services.”

4 Piece by Jordan Avila at The Charity Shop - Historic Main Street Garden Grove

Volunteers host a number of creative events in the space including art shows for local artists and a weekly film night each Saturday at 7pm. The meeting space is available for use by the community.

Director Jordan Avila, explained that he plans to expand the schedule for events as well as boost community awareness around The Charity Shop’s offerings. The large space is filled with unique clothing, vintage records, artistic trinkets and local art pieces, Avila’s own stunning work included. To learn more and find out how you can get involved, visit The Charity Shop Facebook Page.

Another treasure to visit on Main Street Garden Grove is Zlaket’s food market. The historic meats, deli and catering purveyor was established in 1927 at its current location on Main Street. The meats and deli menu at Zlaket’s are clear local favorites. Regulars walk in to purchase a perfect cut of meat, poultry or seafood and chat with one another and the grocer as if they all were friends.

8 Historic Main Street Garden Grove

The unique shop is also well known for its impressive soda offering. The store has shelves upon shelves of classic sodas. The soda array accentuates the shop’s small town feel. Zlaket’s offers Thrifty ice cream and boasts about a hundred different ice cream float options.

5 Zlaket's - Historic Main Street Garden Grove

Historic Main Street Garden Grove is a gem of a location in Orange County. Visit the Main Street Garden Grove website to learn more about the street’s activities, stores and restaurants.

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