Go Modern in the New Year – Simple Updates for Big MCM Impact

The New Year is a great opportunity to refresh your home’s interior design. It’s the perfect time to go modern in your space! While some might be ready for an overhaul, most of us could make do with some simple changes. Whatever your budget, we have some ideas for easy updates to get you going on your MCM journey.

Go Retro With Color

Go Retro With Color

Take a cue from the colors of the era and go bold with a hep hue in your space! Paint the walls an iconic retro color or invest in a vibrantly colored piece of mod furniture. If you can’t fathom that much color, consider creating an accent wall and painting just that surface in a color popular from the era. Keep the other walls a neutral color for a great “pop.” Another option to introduce some extra retro vibes is to find accent pieces or accessories in colors popular from the era.

Artistic Wall Accessory in MCM Bathroom

Update Your Art

Refresh your artwork with some mod fine art or add in some punchy retro sculptures. We’ve got a great Modern Art Guide for selecting the right pieces for your space and budget. This is your chance to go modern, have some fun and not worry about over-doing it!

Have Fun With Lighting and Go Modern

Have Fun With Lighting

Swap out the dinky ceiling fan or that “blah” table lamp for a retro lighting statement piece. Ikea has affordable options. You could also go hunting at thrift or consignment stores for fun authentic vintage pieces. For a subtle update, try some simple 1950s globe pendant lights, which look great above a kitchen island.

Choose One Iconic Piece to Go Modern in Your Space

Choose One Iconic Piece

If you’ve got money to burn or are ready to put in the time and energy to scour yard sales consider searching for an iconic modern piece to amp up the MCM in your space. You really only need one large piece to make a statement. Try looking for an Egg Chair, a Tulip Table, an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. If you’re not into garage sales (hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of American Pickers but having no interest in browsing through other people’s piles of old stuff), don’t worry because Design Within Reach has reproduction pieces or you can contact furniture dealers to see if they have any original pieces. If you’re on a tight budget, look to other stores for MCM-inspired designs such as at Ikea, Froy, even Target.

Go Modern and Take it Outside

Go Modern and Take it Outside

California living allows for outdoor entertaining almost year round so there is never a bad time to think about refreshing your outdoor lounge areas. With the ongoing emphasis on mid-century modern in interior design, you can be sure to find modern inspired outdoor furniture at many retailers, such as the one listed above. Go modern with some mod wire mesh patio chairs and/or chaise lounges (bonus points if they’re painted in an MCM-appropriate color). MCM woven vinyl patio furniture would be beautiful as well. Taking it to the next level, a fun retro fireplace would be a great addition to your outdoor space.

Ready to go modern but want to find your perfect pad first? Our realtors are ready to help! Get in touch with us today to get moving (pun intended).

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