Get the Look: Mid-Century Modern Meets Traditional

If you’re interested in mixing and matching modern pieces with traditional items but don’t know where to start, then fear no more because we have got you covered with the following 5 tips.

0 Modern meets Traditional Living room

1. Choose Reflective Finishes
To bridge the gap between traditional and modern try incorporating pieces from either style that feature reflective finishes. Consider throwing in a mirrored MCM side table or a traditional style lamp with a polished bronze base. It’s as simple as it sounds but the look will surely be stunning.

1 MCM meets Traditional - reflective finishes bridge the two styles

2. Incorporate What Came with Your Home
Traditional style is timeless just like mid-century modern so it’s likely that you have been bestowed with existing traditional fixtures, such as lighting or faucets. Chances are that your home came with a chandelier of some sort, for example. We’re not talking dozens of crystals hanging from an ornate fixture in your vaulted ceiling entryway, but rather some sort of faded brass, possibly with white candle-mimicking tubes holding tapered incandescent light bulbs. You know what we’re talking about.

It’s time to embrace that light fixture or whatever you have, and just go with it. It’s your call on how you “pretty up” the piece. We’d suggest a good cleaning and polishing but that’s it. Then put together your other traditional and MCM pieces and you’re in business.

2 Traditional meets Modern - Incorporate what came with your home

3. Choose Pieces with a Common Thread
Some people have a knack for mixing together a bunch of very different pieces to make a dining set. Those lucky few are probably just that – lucky. However, one approach for cheating your way into claiming that talent is to simply pick pieces that feature some common thread. For example, pick out a dining table and chairs that share a very similar finish in one part of their design. You could also pick a variety of traditional and modern lounge furniture with upholstery that is all within the same color family.

You have free reign with what that common thread is, just make sure it is noticeable enough so that your guests subconsciously recognize it and abruptly exclaim that you’ve missed your calling as an inspired interior designer.

3 Modern meets Traditional - Use the same color and finish

4. Use Modern Pieces with Luxurious Textures and Finishes
When mixing the two styles, you can often get away with incorporating just about any modern piece as long as it boasts a lavish-looking finish or texture. Traditional style furniture features elegant lines that evoke an air of opulence. Mid-century modern pieces do not inherently portray the same significance. So reupholster, polish or carefully spray paint away and put yourself at ease. Even if you are just interested in the lux look of traditional, you can achieve the feeling without actually incorporating any pieces from that vein of style by simply choosing pieces with rich finishes and textures.

4 Modern and Traditional styles in the bedroom - Use luxurious materials on your Modern Pieces

5. Pick a Color Palette Based on a Style-Agnostic Piece
This is not a hard and fast rule, just something to get you started if you are having difficulty in making decisions. Try selecting the color palette for a room by basing it on a style-neutral piece. This could be a rug you like, a favorite painting or anything else that resonates with you. Just make sure it is a piece that doesn’t lean towards either traditional or modern so that you can easily blend pieces from each style within the colors you’ve chosen.

5 Modern meets Traditional office interior design - Take your Color Palette From a Neutral Piece

There you have it! You’re now well on your way to becoming an expert interior designer when it comes to blending modern and traditional styles. Looking to find that perfect MCM home so you prove your new interior design skills? Get in touch today to find your dream mid-century modern abode.

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