Get the Look: Mid-Century Modern Meets Contemporary

Our “Get the Look” series continues with a glance at mixing MCM and contemporary styles in a single room. The majority of mid-century modern pieces are so easy to incorporate into any style of space. Trust us when we say that mixing your contemporary pieces with mod items will be a breeze and also a lot of fun.

Contemporary style is a term used to describe what is popular in interior design at present. Contemporary pieces currently feature mid-century modern elements, due to an ongoing resurgence in the style, so you won’t have any difficulties in finding pieces to mix and match.

1. Go Contemporary with your Functional Pieces
Contemporary pieces can be your opportunity to introduce functionality into your MCM-styled space. A contemporary bookshelf eases itself into a modern-inspired room effortlessly. This option is also great for those who are making the transition from all contemporary to a mix of both styles. It’s easier to pick an MCM statement piece to throw into a space and keep the functional contemporary furniture, which often offer important storage.

1 Contemporary Functional Piece in a Modern Living Room

2. The Coffee Table is Your Wild Card
If you are trying to add some spice to a contemporary space, try mixing in a retro modern coffee table. The same works for a modern space. A coffee table in the other style will add variety and excitement to the room. If you’re not ready to mix and match more, this option will be a great way to get started, as well as a fun experiment.

2 Coffee Table Wild Card

3. Play Up the Color of the Odd Piece Out
Make a statement and draw attention to the odd piece out in your design with color. Consider painting or upholstering one particular piece of furniture in a striking, unexpected color. The pop of color draws attention to the piece, making it stand out even more achieving an eclectic, collected look. Make sure when selecting the piece that you thoroughly love it as it’s going to draw your attention every time you enter the room! That’s the goal, afterall.

3 Play up Color

4. Mix Curvy or Angular Pieces with More Subtle Items for Delightful Drama
Mid-century modern pieces are typically either strikingly angular or very curvy. Contemporary pieces are much more subtle. You can get some eye-pleasing drama in an otherwise bland contemporary room by mixing in a standout geometric or curvaceous piece. If you can match the color of that special piece with other items or décor in the room you will be all set.

4 Mix Curvy and Angular Pieces for Delightful Drama

5. Why Not Try One Neutral Color Per Style
One fun option to consider is to keep all the large pieces within a particular style one neutral color and the other style of pieces another neutral color. For example, your modern furniture could be all white and your contemporary furniture could be a rich honey wood. As long as the colors are neutral, you will be successful.

5 Like Colors Like Styles

That was fun, right? Now all you have to do is find your ideal MCM home to showcase your new interior design abilities. Get in touch today to find your perfect mid-century modern pad!

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