Get the Look: Mid-Century Modern Meets Southwest

Yes, we must sound like a broken record at this point but we just love how mid-century modern style can mix with so many other interior design styles. Mid-century modern design has this wondrous ability due to the style’s timeless nature and clean, crisp lines. We’ve covered a lot of other mix-in styles, such as Tribal, Traditional, Craftsman, and Contemporary. Up the ante by mixing MCM style with warm and inviting Southwest style.

0 Modern meets Southwest Style

1. Go For Flat Metallic

The key to mixing Mid-Century Modern with Southwest Style is using warm tones, rough edges and flat metallic finishes. Avoid reflective metal accents. Instead, let subtle, unfinished metal tones dominate. Saddle up to wrought iron and roughened up bronze finishes.

1 Rough Bronze Finish in Modern meets Southwest

2. Replace Mod Prints with Native American Textiles and Art

Pops of color are often expressed through Native American textiles or art in Southwest interior design. Swap out your Modern print rugs in favor of a Native American designed mats. For carpeted spaces, try adding in a Native American print throw blanket or hanging a tapestry over the largest piece of furniture in the room. Additionally, these prints in the form of wall art can be mixed in with your existing art. Go for gold by installing a gallery wall full of your favorite pieces and add in some colorful Native American art.

2 Native American Textiles and Art for Southwestern meets Modern

3. Add Cacti in Terra Cotta Pots

This is so easy it’s maybe cheating, but one simple Southwestern hack is to simply drop in cacti and succulents in terra cotta pots. The larger the plant, the more successful you will be. Plants are a frequent feature in MCM homes as is. By just switching the type of pot and plant for something more like you would find out on the range, you keep the Modern effect but tweak the style towards a Southwestern vibe.

3 Cacti and Succulents in Terra Cotta in Modern meets Southwest

4. Incorporate Fur or Horns

Southwestern style is very dependent on animal skins and horns for decoration. Incorporating these items creates a warm curated feeling in a space. The textures add visual interest, directing the eye to these focal points around a room. This is an opportunity to create a real collection and invest in long-lasting materials, so be sure to be picky! If you’re not into real animal-sourced products but want to get the look, don’t worry; vegan options to the rescue. Try a flamboyant faux fur throw blanket, carved wood antlers or an art print of a cattle skull.

4 Animal Fur and Leather for Modern meets Southwest Interior Design

5. Leather Up Your Furniture and Leave the Wood Bare

Opt for leather upholstery on your Modern style chairs or couches. If the furniture features wood handles, backs or feet, consider sanding them down and lightly sealing them for a natural wood glow. Regardless, you want to aim for some leather pieces (tan looks great) and some natural nearly-raw wood pieces in the space, ideally with Modern lines, to achieve the look. Luxurious leather and rich, natural wood will be sure to have you hollering “howdy!” every time you get home.

5 Leather and Raw wood Furniture for Modern meets Southwest

With even just one or two of these tips, you will be sure to achieve a beautifully styled space that will definitely impress your guests. If you’re looking for the perfect Modern home to get your creativity flowing, (perhaps a Ranch style house?) our expert realty team is here to help. Contact Us to get in touch, partner!

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