Get the Look: Mid-Century Modern Meets Farmhouse

Mid-Century Modern is the wildcard of interior design and current leading influence on the industry. The design style has a way of mixing and matching well with almost any other interior design style out there. We’ve covered a handful of styles that all play nice with MCM such as Contemporary, Craftsman, Traditional, Tribal and Zen. If you’re looking for a warm, cozy, familiar style to pair MCM with, look no further than the Farmhouse aesthetic. A Mid-Century Modern meets Farmhouse space imparts warmth, sophistication and an effortless yet curated feel, all at the same time.

Juxtapose Rough Wood Accents with Clean-Lined Modern Pieces

For a Mid-Century Modern meets Farmhouse home, try to uphold a common theme of pitting fresh, clean modern items with rough wood accessories and furniture. Consider mixing in 2 rustic elements for every single clean-lined Modern item, without over-crowding your space.

Juxtapose Rough Wood Pieces with Clean Lined Modern Pieces - Modern Meets Farmhouse Interior Design

In the kitchen, for example, some rough wood bar stools and island alongside simple, crisp white cabinets bring in tidiness but also a thoughtfully collected ambiance to the space. Placing wood cutting boards and bowls next to white porcelain dishes and canisters creates visual interest and convey a refined rustic feel. Bonus points for accenting the items with this season’s harvest.

Keep Things Light and Bright

Apart from the Kitsch, Farmhouse style brings to mind warm wood finishes, antique furnishings and light, bright, airy spaces. Keep window coverings at a minimum or swap them out for clean linen shades. Remove any furniture or accent pieces that would impede natural light from coming through. Consider painting your walls in a white or crisp off-white color to bounce natural light around and max out the airy-ness of your space.

Cage Light Transforms the Room - Mid-Century Modern Farmhouse

Speaking of light, light fixtures has a lot of potential for making your Mid-Century Modern meets Farmhouse style space a serious success. If you have more MCM pieces in your space, swap out a chandelier for a hanging lamp with basket weave shade. If your space has more rustic elements, hang a Modern retro fixture.

Focus on the Mid-Century Modern meets Farmhouse Dining Room

The dining room is a perfect space for exhibiting your Modern Farmhouse design aesthetic. The dining table is often a big statement in your home as it takes up so much real estate and is a principal gathering location. One simple trick is to mix a table in one style with chairs in the other.

Rustic Table with MCM Chairs Eiffel Chairs - Modern Farmhouse

For instance, if you already own a beautiful Modern dining table, look for Windsor chairs to add in a Farmhouse element. Or if you have a set of beloved Eiffel dining chairs but don’t care for your dining room table, swap it out for a rustic Farmhouse style table. These dining room set styles are very common at furniture stores, consignment shops and even on Craigslist or Ebay.

Be Subtle, Simple but Successful with Accessories

Success is in the details, or should we say accessories? Look for specific accessories that can subtly counteract the sometimes attention-hogging characteristics of furniture in either Farmhouse or MCM styles. This is a seemingly simple hack but one that requires a careful eye and a fair amount of searching, but don’t be disheartened, just take your time.

For instance, a tulip table is iconic Mid-Century Modern with its bold but clean form. Pairing such a table with understated adornments, simple rough wood chairs, a plain antique mirror and soft, antique pendant lamp tone the table down while still celebrating its design.

Simple Accessories - Mid-Century Modern Meets Farmhouse

To get the Mid-Century Modern meets Farmhouse style down pat try creating vignettes with unfinished wood décor and clean, sleek Modern accessories, grouping items together on shelves, counter tops and other surfaces. Or mix in specific items that exude either Farmhouse or MCM style to balance out the space if you need more of one element. For instance, if you feel your room is lacking in the Farmhouse style pick out a medium-size pail for accent at a hardware store and fill it with bundles of sticks or rolled up blankets (not both). If your space needs more Modern-leaning items look for a retro floor lamp or introduce a solitary Scandinavian style chair into the mix.

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Rough Wood in the Space

Finally, when trying to achieve the Mid-Century Modern meets Farmhouse style, never discount the effect of large unfinished wood accents or furniture. A single large piece is typically plenty, especially if you are lucky enough to have wood floors in your home. In a crisp setting, a big, rough wooden table or even a large exposed wood beam creates a focal point in the room, catching your eye pleasingly and inviting you into a warm, cozy space.

Don't Underestimate the Impact of Rough Wood

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