Get the Look- Mid-Century Modern Meets Craftsman

We’re firm believers in the flexibility of mid-century modern design in blending with a multitude of other design styles. For example, we’ve discussed how MCM can mix with Tribal, Traditional and Contemporary design styles. The reason mid-century modern furniture and style can be combined so seamlessly with other styles is all in its timeless, clean lines. Mixing styles creates a curated, collected effect that is sure to wow your guests.

0 Craftsman Dining set and Mid-Century Modern Decor

Craftsman style, also referred to as “Mission” or “Arts and Crafts,” was popular in the late 19th century through to the 1930s, the dawn of mid-century modern. The design style is known for its iconic exteriors featuring lots of wood and often stone. Craftsman interiors incorporated even more wood accents and floors. Wood accents were often finished in rich tones and very ornately carved with few to zero curves.

Whether you own a Craftsman style home, Mid-Century Modern home, or something else, you can certainly bring the two styles together successfully in the same space. Below we’ve got some tips for how to get started.

1. Bring Craftsman and Modern Chairs to the Table

A great place to start is at the dining room table. Bring pairs of chairs in the two styles together. Simple, right? This is also a good moment to bring a pop of color to the space, if you’re up for it.

1 Different Chair styles - Craftsman meets modern

2. Start with Scandinavian

If you’re concerned with the stark differences between the more iconic, bold pieces of MCM design and the inherent ornate style of craftsman décor, go for Scandinavian style furniture first. The two styles both heavily use natural finished wood. Scandinavian pieces feature soft, ergonomic shapes that will provide delightful contrast to the stiff form of Craftsman furniture.

2 Scandinavian Furniture in Craftsman

3. Consider Swapping Out your Light Fixtures

Lighting seems to always be either the first or last thing to consider when redecorating. Light fixtures make for a great opportunity to get bold in a space while always adding necessary function. If you’re looking to incorporate a Craftsman designed fixture, remember to use the other terms for the style, Mission and Arts and Crafts, in your search to ensure that you get to see all the items offered.

3 Mission Craftsman Arts and Crafts pendant lighting

4. Seek Out a Wood China Cabinet

Craftsman homes often featured large built in china cabinets in the dining area. They provided a good deal of storage as well as display space for the owner’s finest wares. You can get the look, as well, by finding a quality, tall wood china cabinet. Get the built-in effect without the price tag by staining or painting the cabinet the same color as the moulding in the room.

4 Wood China Cabinet

5. Add in (a lot of) Moulding

Moulding is a major hallmark of Craftsman style. If your home isn’t a craftsman home you can add in your own moulding. If you can’t afford solid wood moulding, don’t fret, just paint all the moulding a solid color. For example, paint them all white and use rich paint colors on the walls for some exciting contrast. If you’re feeling real ambitious, consider installing some wainscoting.

5 Moulding makes for a Craftsman look

Now that you’ve got a feel for mixing MCM and Craftsman styles, you’re ready for anything! How about the perfect home to help you explore your newly found expertise in interior design? We’d be happy to help you out. Get in touch today.

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