Gently Remodeled MidCentury Modern in Orange County

Gently Remodeled MidCentury Modern

We’re starting to see more “self-aware” mid-century modern remodeled homes in Orange County. Before, whenever you saw a listing for a “remodeled” mid-century modern home, you could expect to see some sort of Nouveaux Faux Tuscan-style abomination. (I actually like Tuscany, just not on mid-century modern houses). Now, we’re seeing a lot more homes like this, that have been “freshened” in a more contemporary style. This is both good at bad. On one hand, it’s nice not to see homes completely ruined (yay!), but these remodels are far from perfect. They sometimes (as in this case) feel like the person just went to Home Depot and asked for “modern” stuff without really understanding what that meant.

Let’s dissect this particular house. I’m going to start off with the good. This house has 3 really cool things going for it: 1. The fireplace is AWESOME 2. I like big decks and there aren’t enough (affordable) houses that have them. These spaces are designed for parties and to feel like an extension of living space and 3. Tongue and groove ceilings with contrasting beams. So, basically, some really great design features. I also like the unique corner cabinetry in one of the bathrooms and the kitchen looks pretty nice. Not perfect, but pretty darn nice.

Everything isn’t rainbows and unicorns, though. Some of the finish choices are a bit puzzling and generic (the “scraped look” wood-ish floors). Also, the front of the house feels a bit too busy — like someone was trying too hard to create curb appeal. These are all pretty minor. The only real complaint on this house is the funky layout. It has an onsite studio apartment, built into the house. This is why there are two front doors on the property. I have a feeling it may have been another garage and breeze space that was later enclosed.

As an added bonus, this home is in a great part of Fullerton and priced pretty reasonably, given the square footage and condition.

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