Quick Take: Flip or Flop?

So this one isn’t a house review (sorry, no pretty pictures!) but it’s something I’ve been thinking about and something I think you should think about, too. Right now in our Southern California market, the percentage of “flipped” homes is going through the roof. And very fortunately, the styles have shifted away from faux Tuscan to a much sleeker, more modern look. We’ve been out there showing a lot of these properties to our clients and we’ve come up with a list of a few important things to look for:

  • Workmanship — Details count. Pay attention to the little things like how the baseboard molding seems line up (hint: you shouldn’t see them), how well the countertops are cut, and whether things are straight. It definitely helps if you have an agent who is an OCD detail freak 😉
  • Ergonomics — This is tough. We came across a beautiful house just last weekend. Excellent workmanship. Excellent finishes. But as a perfect example, the master bathroom was filled with 4″ can lights. That’s great. Except you REALLY need light that shines on your face when standing in front of the mirror.
  • Infrastructure — Don’t get so fixated on finishes that you forget about the mechanicals. We just showed a house done to the 9s — opened up floor plan, walls moved, etc. This house was priced at the very high-end of the market. Unfortunately, opening one closet revealed the original 1972 furnace and no air conditioning.

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