Eichler Round-Up: What’s for sale

Here’s what’s on the market right now. Currently there are four active Eichler Homes for sale. Want to get into any of them? Don’t hesitate to get in touch. The best way to learn about Eichler Homes is to visit Eichler Homes.

702 E Palmdale [Fairmeadow] – $915k: You can read our review here.  Not a bad house, but it does back to Taft and has the accompanying noise.

722 E Palmdale [Fairmeadow] – $880k: This one was taken off the market, then relaunched, and now just lowered in price. You can read our impressions here. This home is fully remodeled, but it also backs to Taft.

545 E Glendale [Fairmeadow] – $889k: This was has only been on the market for only 2 weeks and but has already seen a price reduction of $10k. We wrote up some quick impressions here, and after showing the property this past weekend, we stand behind our comments.  It’s a good location but there are definitely some modification which have not served the design of the house well.

1081 N Granada [Fairhills] – $890k: This home was on the market last year, received multiple offers, and then was removed from the market. Now it’s back, at a higher price, and there are still difficulties in getting access. If it seems like there’s a story to this one — there is. Contact us for details.

852 S Oakwood [Fairhaven] – $699k: This one needs a lot of work and is a short sale. It has actually been in escrow for nearly 9 months! It will be interesting to see if this one actually goes through; it has been listed several times before.

1830 N Ridgewood [Fairmeadow] – $916k: This one is in escrow and we’re all curious about the price. With the larger pool home down the street selling for $870k. You can read our comments here.




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