Eichler: Groundhog Day Edition


Do you ever get a feeling of deja vu, like it’s Groundhog Day, the movie? Well, if you’re feeling that way right now, you HAVE seen this home for sale before. It sold just five months ago for $885k. This Eichler is located in the Fairmeadow Tract, and is the most popular model.

Having toured this home several times, I think the most remarkable feature is the unique pool and landscaping. Mature, grown-in landscaping is neither easy or cheap, nor is it fast to obtain. The pool is a very unique parabolic shape (most pools have flat sides, perpendicular to the ground) so it creates a very unusual reflection of light and refraction of the pool bottom. The previous owners also did a very common kitchen modification which opens things up and makes it possible to see the pool from all public spaces within the house — pretty cool.

The style is unique, and I think this is one of those homes where you will either love it or hate it. Love it and this is a chance to get a very-close-to-turnkey Eichler for less than the high watermark sales in the tract. If I had to describe the style, I would say it’s modern-meets-Miami. The color scheme plays to both art deco and tropical sensibilities. It’s definitely not a traditional upgrade and there are moments that I think the styling clashes with the Eichler architecture, appearing a bit too fussy (the black trim immediately comes to mind, drawing your eyes towards the baseboards and door casings — an odd place for your mind’s focus).

But with that said, it’s a home that needs very little with a great yard, pool, and quiet interior tract location. It’s also the ONLY active Eichler on the market right now.

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