Eco­Friendly Upgrades for Mid­-Century Modern Homes

Renovate your Mid-­Century Modern Home for style and sustainability at the same time.

Eichler exterior

Eichler homeowners face the unique challenge of making eco­friendly renovations while maintaining the design and aesthetics of the home’s original architecture. But, with energy costs on the rise, many homeowners are looking for smart and inexpensive ways to save money, conserve water, and improve energy performance. The open construction of Eichler homes makes it easy to add eco­friendly renovations, and just a few simple energy­saving upgrades can dramatically lower your bills. Plus, green upgrades can significantly boost the resale value of your home, especially as buyers look for sustainable home improvements in homes on the market in Orange County. By making small, and sustainable decisions at every step, you’ll notice the LEED points quickly add up. In fact, it’s often easy to earn a rating of LEED silver for your modern green home simply by making energy­efficient upgrades while working on renovation projects.

Insulate the walls

When the temperature drops, find out if your walls feel cold to the touch. If you notice a chill near your walls or windows, wall insulation can help keep things cozy and reduce energy costs by a whopping 20 percent. According to the Eichler Network website, retrofitting insulation into walls when replacing the exterior siding of your home is a relatively simple upgrade to make during renovations. For indoor installation in Eichler homes, the website recommends four­inch thick fiberglass with flexibility as an affordable and easy­to­install option. Customize the finished look to complement your decor by adding drywall or wood panelling over the installation.

Replace windows with double­pane glass

Floor­to­ceiling windows in Orange County modern homes are among their most distinctive features, but single­pane glass is also a major source of heat and air­conditioning loss. Outfitting your Eichler with double­pane windows and sliding­glass doors is an easy way to moderate the temperature in your home while saving some extra cash. A recent article published in Dwell Magazine reported that even replacing windows in just one room can significantly increase the energy efficiency of your home. Windows with low­e coatings prevent heat loss even more by decreasing infrared radiation.

Reduce energy costs with solar shades

As a low-cost alternative to window replacement, solar shades protect your interiors from sun damage and harmful UV rays in style. According to the specialists at Window Interiors, solar shades can reduce energy costs by at least 15% by blocking out heat and glare in sun-facing rooms. These window treatments provide increased privacy, and are available in numerous levels of opacity to get the perfect amount of shade for your space while preserving your view. Because solar shades filter out direct sunlight, they also protect your furniture and upholstery from the fading that occurs as a result of the sun’s harsh rays.

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