Done Right in Costa Mesa

What does it mean to be “done right?” We have these folders that we use with clients to hold documents, cards, etc. And on the inside we have a quote from architect Frank Gehry: “98% of what gets built today is shit.” Strong, maybe even vulgar words, but there’s a sad air of truth. And it’s not just new construction, but remodels. How many times have you walked into a home that feels like its builder just walked into Home Depot and bought whatever was on sale? Where is the creativity? Where is the style?

Even when I don’t agree with the choices (in this case, the ledge stone in the bathroom is a little over-the-top), I have to appreciate the creativity and the risk. And that’s why this home is special. It doesn’t looks like anything else on the market. The unique wood-and-cable railing system inside is just one example of doing something different and developing your own style.

While it’s true that we love architecture (we do!) and sell a lot of amazing architectural properties, I love this house because it didn’t start off as an architectural gem with pedigree. This was a home like a lot of others: great bones, dreary details. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that many of the coolest home we feature didn’t start as anything particularly remarkable. The difference is thoughtfulness. Anytime we’ve done work on our own houses, it’s never just been picking finishes out of a catalog. It’s thinking about how we live, and how we want the house to function. How do the materials make sense and make and help us in that goal.

That’s what it means to be “done right.” The Asian-inspired “hammock courtyard” is a perfect example. This is space in the front of most tract homes that never gets used. Now it not only looks great, it has a purpose.

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