Does it get better than this?

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Chris Abel house I didn’t like. Much like the work of John Lautner, his designs are unique not just when compared to the rest of the world, but to each other. Each home is an almost fanciful exploration of the limits of architecture.

And so we have this home located above Victoria Beach in Laguna. It takes the idea of the triangle and pushes to almost cathedral-like levels of drama and design. Belying the small facade, there is about 2800 square feet to this very unique home.

I won’t try to verbally describe the photos; you need to see them for yourself, below. But I will tell you that waking up in this home (and frankly, any Chris Abel) is a very different experience than waking up anywhere else. Owning a home like this isn’t a lifestyle change — it’s a mindset change. And that’s the real value of architecture. There might be homes with bigger yard, more square footage, etc, etc, etc. But I challenge you to find any home priced less that can make you feel the way this one does.

Let’s take a look together. We’re here to guide you to your dream home.

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