Decorating for Christmas Modern Style

The holidays are upon us and that means it’s time to start decorating for Christmas. Why not cast off traditional decorations this year for something a bit more modern and hip?  Although you may not wish to go traditional, you can be modern and retro with your decorations at the same time! Here are five great ways you can decorate your home in a mid-century modern style for this Christmas season.

1.Consider Aluminum

1499490_630326913677751_455013713_nIn the 1950s and 1960s, aluminum trees were all the rage. Instead of a real tree this year, why not consider an aluminum one? It will keep for years to come, is quite festive, and comes in a variety of colors. Silver is the most popular color choice, followed by gold, but aluminum trees are also available in blue, pink, and white. While aluminum trees can be pricey, in the range of a few hundred to several hundred dollars, the cost is outweighed by the fact that you can use an aluminum tree year after year without any of the fuss or mess of a traditional Christmas tree. Consider small aluminum trees to decorate your fireplace mantel. There are also acrylic modern Christmas trees crafted with concentric rings, mirrored disco balls, and lights. Here are some great Aluminum Christmas Trees

2. Terrific Tinsel

50's tinselIf you absolutely love and must have a traditional Christmas tree, consider decorating it with tinsel for a mid-century modern look. Or just get a vintage aluminum star tree-topper to dress up the top of your traditional tree in the mid-century modern style. Think about using mid-century vintage Shiny-Brite ornaments to dress up your tree, whether it is a traditional live tree or an aluminum tree. Here is some great Tinsel for sale

3. Make Mid-Century Modern Christmas Ornaments

Photo 2What better way is there to get into the spirit of Christmas than by making some of your own decorations? You can get clear glass ball ornaments and then decorate them in a funky vintage style. Use glitter and double-sided mounting film and cut out the shapes you wish in the film. Then attach the film to each clear glass ball ornament, remove the paper backing, shake the glitter on and press it in. Just brush off any excess glitter with a paintbrush, and now you have beautiful unique ornaments for your tree. Etsy has some great Vintage Ornaments 

4. Retro Mid-Century Modern Stockings

Christmas decorations aren’t only about the tree, stockings are a great addition to any fireplace mantel. To make these mid-century modern stockings you’ll need a sewing machine for sure. Or, if you’re not a sewing fan, there are plenty of crafters on who make and sell these types of stockings. Some fantastic DIY stockings

5. Door Wreath Options

wreathA mid-century modern door wreath is never made out of greenery of course. Consider a starburst-themed wooden wreath painted silver to match your aluminum tree. Or how about a yarn-wrapped Styrofoam wreath in whatever color you desire? If you want to really go retro, try making your own candy wreath with wrapped candies that your guests can cut off for a sweet treat when they visit.

Use one or more of these mid-century modern Christmas decorating ideas to get the perfect retro look for this Christmas season. We love some of these green wreaths 


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Article written by our contributing writer: Tabitha Jean Naylor

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